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The Silencing of Dissent
Is the corporate state so obtuse it thinks the American public has not, on its own, reached these conclusions about the condition of the nation? Is this what it defines as “fake news”? But most important, isn’t this the truth that the courtiers in the mainstream press and public broadcasting, dependent on their funding from sources such as the Koch brothers, refuse to present? And isn’t it, in the end, the truth that frightens them the most?
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september 2017 by jstenner Was man von Big Brother über Trump lernen kann
ich bin immer noch überrascht von trumps wahlsieg und gleichzeitig schon müde, von den erklärungsversuchen und handlungsaufforderungen die jetzt überall in meinen filterblasen auftauchen. das gleiche obercheckertum wie vor der wahl, mit dem gleichen allwissenden untertönnen, jetzt nur mit einem anderen vorzeichen. die nachträglichen einsichten führen auch nicht zu demut und besinnung, sondern zu einem riesenschwall weiterer schnellschüsse, scheinanalysen und, eben, obercheckertum.

deshalb finde ich diese analyse von markus spath erfrischend. auch wenn ihm das obercheckertum nicht fremd ist, hier hat er mich mit kluger analyse und beobachtungtung von reaktionsmustern, fantum und kognitiven dissonanzen im müllfernsehen sehr nachdenklich gemacht.
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november 2016 by diplix
You Can't Escape Data Surveillance In America - The Atlantic 042916
[Big Brother R Us] Sarah Jeong: In America, surveillance has always played an outsized role in the relationship between creditors and debtors. In the 19th century, credit bureaus pioneered mass-surveillance techniques. Today the American debtor faces remote kill switches in their devices, GPS tracking on their leased cars, and surreptitious webcam recordings from their rent-to-own laptops. And where our buying and borrowing habits were once tracked by shopkeepers, our computers score our creditworthiness without us knowing... We peer into a future where our software spies on us, our data defines us, and our hardware reinforces existing power imbalances. What’s slowing it down are a federal agency whose remedies often feel unsatisfactory, and a cohort of attorneys whose motivations are of course capitalistic. And while it’s tempting to simply call for more federal intervention, paternalistic impulses sometimes harm the most vulnerable among us.
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april 2016 by fulab

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