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This Company Built a Private Surveillance Network. We Tracked Someone With It - VICE
Repo men are passively scanning and uploading the locations of every car they drive by into DRN, a surveillance database of 9 billion license plate scans accessible by private investigators.
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28 days ago by daguti
Huawei’s export ban is wider in scope than most people imagine | Ars Technica
Former US assistant secretary of export administration weighs in on Huawei's ban.
iprop  big-brother  usa  china 
july 2019 by pmorch
Australia data encryption laws explained - BBC News
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has said police could order individual IT developers to create technical functions without their company's knowledge.
big-brother  crypto 
december 2018 by pmorch
Manage Google Voice & Audio Activity - Computer - Google Search Help
You can listen to every voice command you have issued to your Google phone.

Filed under big-brother because it can be scary to go back and listen to your voice for things you thought were just issuing commands -- not being recorded.

keywords: google voice recording history
google  google-android  tips-n-tricks  big-brother 
october 2018 by daguti

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