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Biden Proposes Smaller Tax Increases Than Rivals Do - The New York Times
his tax increases are already more than double the amount that the last Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, proposed in the 2016 campaign.
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10 days ago by brycecovert
Joe Biden Tax Plan: Tax Rich, Go After Companies Like Amazon - Bloomberg
The so-called minimum book tax, which his team estimates would raise $400 billion over a decade, would be coupled with increases in the top individual and corporate rates that Biden has already promised, according to a copy of the proposal obtained by Bloomberg News.

The plan also details his call to end loopholes worth hundreds of billions of dollars and other breaks, including stepped up basis so that individuals can no longer pass on appreciated property without having to pay tax on the gain. The document also outlines Biden’s plan to double the global intangible low tax income rate, known as Gilti, and capping the value of breaks for wealthy taxpayers. He also calls for $200 billion in sanctions on countries that “facilitate illegal corporate tax avoidance.”

“The vice president does think it’s very important to be clear with the American people regarding how you’re going to pay for things in order to demonstrate they can actually get it done,” said Biden policy director Stef Feldman.
Biden  taxes  election 
11 days ago by brycecovert
Will Hunter Biden Jeopardize His Father’s Campaign? | The New Yorker
Joe Biden’s son is under scrutiny for his business dealings and tumultuous personal life, Adam Entous writes.
biden  joe  hunter 
12 days ago by mifepba
Obama Aides Defend Bank’s Pay to Biden Son - The New York Times
Campaign officials acknowledged the connection between the Bidens and MBNA, the enormous financial services company based in Delaware.
mbna  bankruptcies  biden  hunter 
12 days ago by mifepba
Democrats Must Admit Joe Biden’s Family Profits Off Him
Democrats have sidestepped the question of Hunter Biden’s ethics, and how much responsibility Joe Biden deserves. Republicans, though, have no such qualms.
biden  hunter  corruption  family 
13 days ago by mifepba
How Biden helped create the student debt problem he now promises to fix | US news | The Guardian
The former vice-president - and 2020 presidential hopeful - backed a 2005 bill that stripped students of bankruptcy protections and left millions in financial stress
biden  elections  student  debt 
13 days ago by mifepba

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