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Patagonia Nine Trails Backpack 14L
This would be a great pack to have for bike camping and long bike tours. With a hydration pack. Via the Recommendo email newsletter.
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11 days ago by sbw
Bad Health and Worse Luck? Time for a Family Bike Trip
Going through the Times’ archive of family vacation photos is a powerful reminder that what makes a family vacation great is less about where you go and all about how excited you are to be there.
travel  Bicycling 
27 days ago by casfindad
Virtual Training Cycling App Setup Guide - CycleOps
Even though classic (or non-smart) trainers lack the built-in technology to simulate resistance like a smart trainer, they are still compatible with virtual training apps with the use of a speed sensor. The only difference is you control the resistance.
bicycling  trainers  indoor 
28 days ago by michelemiz
Meet the blogger powering a cycle revolution | Life and style | The Guardian
Now she’s written a funny, vibrant book, Back in the Frame: How To Get Back on Your Bike, Whatever Life Throws at You, which details how cycling has helped (and hindered) her own wellbeing – in particular her diagnosis of depression, and the stroke she suffered in her 30s. It’s also an instructional manual for any budding female cyclists who, like her, aren’t seeing anyone in the industry they relate to – whether that’s other women, women of colour, or just the fact that they’re 28 and might feel they’re past it.
bicycling  Cycles.of.Change 
6 weeks ago by egipcio
Micromobility Will Transform Cities
A brief post about e-bikes, electric scooters, and the integration of personal vehicle ride sharing into the new-urbanist landscape.
Travel  transit  Bicycling 
6 weeks ago by telharmonium
East Coast Greenway - Home
covers the whole east coast -- not in Vermont though
8 weeks ago by michelemiz

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