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How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit
The BBC’s reporting of the scandals around the Brexit referendum is not biased or unbalanced: it barely exists. It is as though the US networks had decided the Mueller investigation was no concern of theirs. There have been three huge stories the BBC has covered with only the most perfunctory reports: the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data leak, the Brexit campaign funding scandal, and the exposure of Russian interference in British politics.
When the whistleblower Christopher Wylie brought The Observer and The New York Times details of how data Cambridge Analytica … Cadwalladr and Wylie offered the BBC a share of the story. … But like Eliot rejecting Orwell, the BBC’s investigative program Panorama backed away. There was no “smoking gun,” it said. Within days, the smoke from Facebook’s burning reputation was billowing from its Palo Alto headquarters.

The pattern repeated itself with Shahmir Sanni from the Vote Leave campaign …. Vote Leave was the supposedly respectable face of British nationalism. … One leading London lawyer said the breach was of a scale and seriousness beyond anything Britain had seen in modern times. Once again, the BBC did not want the scoop. “We don’t have enough evidence to turn this around in three weeks,” a Panorama bureaucrat wrote to Cadwalladr.
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Periods, Policy and Politics: Menstrual Equity Is the New Thing
"It IS a thing!" - Useful background on the #menstrual #equality movement #womenempower
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standardized testing: the game
[via (via Allen ):

I made something.

Here's a prototype for my interactive zine:


i think you'll have a feeling (at least a short one)

i hope it starts conversations about ethnicity & culture

please share! ]
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4X rule for Tech Managers
Info on speaking about 'angry' 'abrasive women and POC
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Unmasking A.I.'s Bias Problem | Fortune
Artificial intelligence can imitate and enhance human decision-making -- and amplify human prejudices. Can Big Tech tackle A.I.'s discrimination problem?
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Most People Think This Is A Smart Habit, But It’s Actually Brain-Damaging
As someone who has studied, practiced, and taught learning how to learn for years, I’ve come to believe that one of the most pervasive threats to our brains goes completely unnoticed. When we think of brain damage, we think of a head injury impairing a person’s ability to think.
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Big brother’s blind spot
Joanne mcneil. Thoughts on errors in algorithms whether better to correct or be invisible etc. Honestly the kind of thing I could and should do! Inspiration
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How Police Can Stop Being Weaponized by Bias-Motivated 911 Calls | American Civil Liberties Union
Department policies should instruct dispatchers not to unthinkingly send officers to respond to questionable calls with minimal information. When, for example, a caller reports a “suspicious person,” the dispatcher should collect enough information to identify whether the caller has seen possible criminal activity that is worth an officer’s time to investigate. If it becomes clear that the caller is simply being racist rather than vague or inarticulate, the dispatcher should have the discretion to tell the caller that they will not dispatch an officer without a legitimate basis.

That said, if they do decide to send an officer to the scene, the dispatcher should communicate information that lets the officer know of any concerns or reasons to take the reported facts with a grain of salt. A failure to pass along such information will necessarily expose people to serious risks.
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