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Mind the knowledge gap | Opinion News, The Indian Express
True development calls for a redistribution of knowledge between India and Bharat.
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Earthcare Books
+ 91 33 22296551 / 22276190
10 Middleton Street,
Kolkata 700071,
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Emerald | Reference Services Review | Progressive LGBTQ reference: coming out in the 21st century -|- Mehra, B., & Braquet, D. (2011). Progressive LGBTQ reference: Coming out in the 21st century. Reference Services Review, 39(3), 401–422. doi:10.1108/00907321111161403
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Mushroom and Turkey Burgers — Recipes for Health -
a sort of middle eastern version of turkey burgers. baharat is a spice mix of peppercorns, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, plus optional spices including cardamom, sumac, paprika
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