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Wellbore trajectory - AAPG Wiki
Good overall description of directional drilling, with pictures.
directional  geosteering  drilling  bha 
june 2017 by Hwinkler
Women under-represented across leading roles says report
"I have to say I have done a lot of research in this area and it is the only industry I have ever worked with where women were repeatedly called girls regardless of their age, which really stood out to me."
horseracing  international  british  bha  women-in-racing 
may 2017 by jnchapel
Women in horse racing under-represented in most prominent areas
BBC report on BHA survey: "It found more women are entering racing from college courses, outnumbering men by a ratio of nearly 70:30. But the report identifies what is being described as 'career stagnation' once women try to make progress." BHA press release on the survey:
horseracing  international  british  bha  women-in-racing 
may 2017 by jnchapel
Whip rule changes approved by British Horseracing Authority
From 2012: "New rules ... will mean the relaxing of restrictions on the amount of times a whip can be used. The authority will instead concentrate on the manner and frequency of use. A revised penalty structure has been approved after jockeys said the previous regulations were too harsh. Rather than it being an automatic breach when a rider uses the whip eight times on the Flat and nine times over jumps, the figures become the trigger point for the stewards to review the ride in question. Stewards will then consider how the rider has used the whip in the course of exceeding the allowed number before deciding whether a breach has occurred and a penalty is warranted."
horseracing  international  bha  regulations  whipping 
may 2015 by jnchapel
Godolphin put the steroids scandal horse Encke back in the spotlight
"The British Horseracing Authority set the bans at six months, having been advised that the anabolic steroids put in the horses’ systems by Zarooni would have washed through within that time. In the absence of scientific tests, which would hardly be practical, it is hard to know whether or not they retain any kind of competitive advantage some 16 months after their last dose. It is a question that will keep coming to mind, especially since Encke has, as Appleby says, 'a great physique.' But, on the basis of the results so far, no advantage is evident. The horses doped last year by Zarooni have run 28 times this year, winning only three races. Certify, a Group One winner in 2012, has looked a shadow of her former self. If Encke should eventually rediscover success, he will be bucking the trend established by the other horses who went through what he went through."
horseracing  international  british  bha  godolphin  steroids  al-zarooni 
august 2014 by jnchapel
Zero tolerance on steroids – Britain's got it right
"Here in the U.S., we can debate the merits of Lasix until the end of time, but the same patchwork process that limits our progress on that issue also keep many more sinister substances in the rotation. The BHA has gotten it right. No steroids in any race horse, ever, and authorities have the right to test anytime, anywhere. If only we in the U.S. were capable of following suit."
horseracing  international  drugs-in-racing  lasix  steroids  bha 
july 2014 by jnchapel
Evaluation of estrogenic and androgenic activity of butylated hydroxyanisole in immature female and castrated rats
evidence that BHA (present in the normal mouse chow) could have antiestrogenic effects at high dose in rats.
BHA  areg  mouse_chow 
december 2013 by Segalllab

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