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Open Shortest Path First - Wikiwand
Open Shortest Path First is a routing protocol for Internet Protocol networks. It uses a link state routing algorithm and falls into the group of interior gateway protocols , operating within a single autonomous system . It is defined as OSPF Version 2 in RFC 2328 for IPv4.[1] The updates for IPv6 are specified as OSPF Version 3 in RFC 5340 .[2] OSPF supports the Classless Inter-Domain Routing addressing model.
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4 hours ago by sublimino
BGP in 2018 — The BGP Table | APNIC Blog
"While a number of providers have made significant progress in public IPv6 deployments for their respective customer base, the majority of the Internet user base is still exclusively using IPv4 for the moment.

Despite this uncertainty, nothing in this routing data indicates any serious cause for alarm in the current trends of growth in the routing system. There is no evidence of the imminent collapse of BGP.

None of the BGP metrics indicate that we are seeing such an explosive level of growth in the routing system that it will fundamentally alter the viability of the BGP routing table anytime soon."
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17 hours ago by mechazoidal
BGP in 2018 — The BGP Table | APNIC Blog
The challenge for the past decade or more has been in attempting to predict when in time that tipping point that causes demand for IPv4 to plummet may occur. The assumption behind these predictions is that such a tipping point is at least five more years in the future. This may not be a reasonable assumption.
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22 hours ago by fbotha
"dn42 is a big dynamic VPN, which employs Internet technologies (BGP, whois database, DNS, etc). Participants connect to each other using network tunnels (GRE, OpenVPN, Tinc, IPsec) and exchange routes thanks to the Border Gateway Protocol. […] dn42 can be used to learn networking and to connect private networks, such as hackerspaces or community networks. But above all, experimenting with routing in dn42 is fun!"
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6 weeks ago by sometimesfood
PeeringDB facilitates the exchange of information related to Peering
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7 weeks ago by vicchow
Strange snafu misroutes domestic US Internet traffic through China Telecom | Ars Technica
Telecom with ties to China's government misdirected traffic for two and a half years.
DAN GOODIN - 11/6/2018, 6:05 AM
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8 weeks ago by bwiese
Google goes down after major BGP mishap routes traffic through China | Ars Technica
Google lost control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday in an event that intermittently made its search and other services unavailable to many users and also caused problems for Spotify and other Google cloud customers.
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8 weeks ago by bwiese
In-cluster Route Reflection | Project Calico
内部に Route Reflector を持てるようにしたのね。
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9 weeks ago by summerwind

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