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Taibbi: Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Amazon Bill Is an Indictment of the Media, Too
There’s an argument to be made, and people like Ezra Klein at Vox are already making it, that Sanders has gone too far this time, in emphasizing symbolism over policy specifics. Klein argues that Sanders is a big enough name now that he can finally “attract excellent staff and advisers” and bring in “a much broader network of lefty policy thinkers,” who presumably can help him “learn more about the workability of policy.”

Translated, this means: Bernie has enough poll support now that he can finally hire all the Beltway bullshit artists who spent the last 40 years turning the Democratic Party into a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce.
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If Jeff Bezos wants to help low-income people why not just pay them better? | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian
The Amazon boss’s philanthropy fund flies in the face of the way he treats his workers. Yet he wants to be seen as a messiah, says the Guardian columnist Marina Hyde
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It’s Time to Get Billionaires Off of Welfare by Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna : TrueReddit
> Well, first off, it's really overstated how much Bezos is wealthy. His wealth is tied up in Amazon stocks, which he periodically sells. So when he's worth $150B, or Amazon is worth $1 trillion, they don't have a bank account with that money in it. They have stock, which if they sold it all at todays value, would be worth that.

That said, Bezos probably has billions of dollars cash floating around. Billions.

Anyways, income is taxed when you make it. So your wealth - i.e. your stocks and assets - are not taxed until you convert it (by selling it) to income. So if Jeff Bezos sells a $1B worth of Amazon shares, it's now income, and it's taxed at the capital gains rate, which is now either 15% or 20%, and for him, would be 20%. So the government would get $200 million and he'd get $800 million.

Amazon, meanwhile, pays basically no taxes, because it doesn't actually make any money. It is increasing in value, but not making a lot of profit.
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