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CSS Environment variables; how to deal with the software bezel of iPhone X – Ben Frain
article about coding for the iphone X screen: rounded corners and invasive black tab.
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november 2017 by piperh
CSS Environment variables; how to deal with the software bezel of iPhone X
Apple have borrowed an idea from broadcast TV. In TV land there has long been the notion of a ‘Title Safe’ area. This is an area inset within the main part of the screen inside which titles are set. Keeping them in this area means that titles wouldn’t be clipped when TV/Film had the aspect ratio changed or broadcasters for whatever reason needed to change the dimensions of the origin source. Apple has taken this basic principle and renamed it ‘Safe Area’ for their purposes.
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november 2017 by spaceninja
Sharp will launch a pair of completely bezeless devices on the 17th of July •
<p>The race to become the first manufacturer to launch a completely bezeless device has officially ended, and the unexpected winner is Sharp. In a way, this probably should’ve been expected, seeing as Sharp were the ones who really kicked off the trend with the stunning Sharp Aquos Crystal years ago.

The brand new bezeless devices are the Sharp FS8016 and FS8010, two identical devices with different processors. Where the FS8016 features a Snapdragon 660 processor, the FS8010 will have a Snapdragon 330. They will come in two variants of 4GB and 6GB RAM, both paired with 64GB internal memory.</p>

They look a bit weird, to be honest. No indication of where the fingerprint reader (there will be one, yes, even though they're midrange?) is - on the side, or the back? Not the front, anyway.
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july 2017 by charlesarthur

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