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The Tales of Maestro's Family 3/3 [Star Trek: TNG, Beverly/Kathryn, Will/Deanna]
We can just call Three of Three, Three. We can call the next baby Four and it won't be confusing at all until we get to Seven."

"Seven? You plan on having five children?"

"I think I'll have one, and you'll have four."

Beverly raised an eyebrow and ushered Kathryn down the corridor towards lunch. "Maybe you'll love being pregnant."

Kathryn rolled her eyes and held up a hand threateningly. "You've just talked me into not knowing who Three is, don't push for me loving the experience."
startrek  tng  beverly/kathryn  beverlycrusher  kathrynjaneway  will/deanna  williamriker  deannatroi 
april 2012 by puffandruffle
Uncharted 2/3 [Star Trek: TNG, Beverly/Kathryn, Will/Deanna]
"My one question is: do you live with Admiral Janeway because she's your friend, or because she's your girlfriend and if she's your girlfriend, do you think you'll get married?" It came out very fast, but Beverly understood.

"I live with Admiral Janeway because I love her very much, and also she's terrible at cooking for herself and keeping plants alive. I think that means she's my girlfriend, more than my friend, but to be thorough, she was my friend first."

Naomi contemplated this. She liked Admiral Janeway having a girlfriend because hopefully she would be happy. Having a girlfriend made Tom happy, and her uncle Neelix happy, and Harry liked Libby very much.
startrek  tng  beverlycrusher  kathrynjaneway  williamriker  deannatroi  will/deanna  beverly/kathryn 
april 2012 by puffandruffle
Coffee in Bed 1/3 [Star Trek: TNG, Beverly/Kathryn, Will/Deanna]
They're both scientists, dedicated to their work, great senses of humour, similar baggage from earlier, they'd click. This is an ongoing series of short fics and letters from their relationship.
startrek  voyager  tng  williamriker  deannatroi  kathrynjaneway  beverlycrusher  beverly/kathryn  will/deanna 
april 2012 by puffandruffle
For The Asking [Star Trek: TNG, Crusher/Picard, Will/Deanna]
Beverly's concerned look faded into a half-smile. "I'd hate to think we were both absent-minded for the whole meeting."

"To me you were."

Beverly's eyebrows climbed her forehead. "Is this a Betazoid way of asking me to kiss and tell?"
crusher/picard  beverlycrusher  jeanlucpicard  will/deanna  deannatroi  williamriker  startrek  tng 
april 2012 by puffandruffle
Edge of the Underworld
An alternative universe where Jim accept a very different role than captain.
stardate64783  StarTrek  AU  Kirk/McCoy  developing-relationship  firstkiss  Mythology  immortal!Kirk  Pike  Spock  action  BeverlyCrusher 
september 2009 by adafrog

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