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Cocktails Machine | Automated Cocktail Dispensing and Mixing Device
GiG 15 Pro is a cocktail mixing device that will bring the Smart cocktail philosophy to your business: recipes from professional bartenders served in only 5 seconds.

Capacity for 75 preloaded recipes with the previous steps to embellish the glass and adding the ingredients. Modify, delete and add new cocktails

Access anytime to a breakdown of the consumed ingredients and the most demanded cocktails stored on the cloud. Increase your profitability controlling the measures in a totally reliable way.

The app will notify your staff when an ingredient has to be replaced and It will show how to do it

Cocktails Machine app has a self-service mode thanks to a barcode system, which makes it the perfect choice for the guests in a non-staffed event or buffet space.
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9 weeks ago by csaper
Evian ditches babies in US market as part of refreshed ad push | The Drum
“We challenged ourselves in search of new, breakthrough creative – the kind of buzzworthy, culturally meaningful creative Evian has always been famous for,” said Olivia Sanchez, vice president of marketing for Evian in North American, in a statement. “We drew inspiration from our consumers themselves – we saw them embracing this inspirational outlook on life – they have many facets and dimensions, and are paving their own way in life. As we explored this idea, we quickly realized our brand ambassadors, Maria Sharapova and Madison Keys, are the perfect example of this: they aren’t just successful tennis athletes, but are passionate about other things outside of what they are most famous for.”
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july 2018 by JohnDrake
Thirsty Dudes :: Flavor :: Essential Hydrogen Water
Whenever a company sends us water to review I always find myself at a loss. Sure, water from different parts of the county/world have slightly different tastes, but I really have no idea how to describe the differences. My palate surely is not sophisticated enough to be able to distinguish which states use fluoride and to what extent, or what minerals are more prevalent in one town that another. I will say there is a noticeable difference in waters that are pH balanced, they are somehow smoother and more enjoyable for me. Mineral water can have a distinct taste and what we have here is a mineral water, but it doesn’t taste like the carbonated versions I have drunk in the past. Maybe the bubbles embellish the flavor. To me this tastes like a nice clean, smooth water. There is nothing more I could say to give it a better review. That is what I want out of water, and that is what it delivers. Sure, the company claims that it can be used as an antioxidant, energy booster, muscle rejuvenation, and that it slows aging, but I certainly can’t tell if any of those things are true. I hope they are. I hope this is the healthiest thing you could ever possibly drink, because I find it refreshing and what more could I ask from water. My one complaint is that the cap does not reseal well, but at 300mL why should I have to reseal it?
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july 2018 by craniac
André Delorme Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs Brut - Kuohuviinit ja Samppanjat | Alko
AC Crémant de Bourgogne
Erittäin kuiva, hapokas, kypsän sitruksinen, keltaluumuinen, kevyen mineraalinen, tamminen, tasapainoinen, tyylikäs.
may 2018 by martantt

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