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Two Factor Auth List
List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, Google Authenticator, and other methods.
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march 2014 by thijsniks
iSeeYou: Disabling the MacBook Webcam Indicator LED
The ubiquitous webcam indicator LED is an important privacy feature which provides a visual cue that the camera is turned on. We describe how to disable the LED on a class of Apple internal iSight webcams used in some versions of MacBook laptops and iMac desktops. This enables video to be captured without any visual indication to the user and can be accomplished entirely in user space by an unprivileged (non- root) application.

The same technique that allows us to disable the LED, namely reprogramming the firmware that runs on the iSight, enables a virtual machine escape whereby malware running inside a virtual machine reprograms the camera to act as a USB Human Interface Device (HID) keyboard which executes code in the host operating system.

We build two proofs-of-concept: (1) an OS X application, iSeeYou, which demonstrates capturing video with the LED disabled; and (2) a virtual machine escape that launches and runs shell commands. To defend against these and related threats, we build an OS X kernel extension, iSightDefender, which prohibits the modification of the iSight’s firmware from user space.
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december 2013 by thijsniks
Apple Web Server notifications
This article provides credit to people who have reported potential security issues in Apple's web servers.
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august 2013 by thijsniks
Symantec kondigt encryptie voor iOS-mail aan
Symantec heeft een oplossing aangekondigd, bedoeld voor iOS-gebruikers. Het is een uitbreiding op de mailapplicatie die in iOS aanwezig is en zorgt voor encryptie van documenten. Symantec Mobile Encryption kan de versleutelde documenten ook weer ontsleutelen. Het zal vanaf januari verkrijgbaar zijn en gericht op iPhones en iPads. Daarnaast kondigden ze een encryptie-oplossing voor Dropbox aan, die ervoor zorgt dat alle bestanden die je op Dropbox opslaat beveiligd zullen zijn. Beide oplossingen zijn gebaseerd op technologie die Symantec twee jaar geleden in handen kreeg door de overname van PGP. (...) Lees de rest van dit bericht op Symantec kondigt encryptie voor iOS-mail aan
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Beveiligingsonderzoeker voegt eigen woorden toe aan Letterpress
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november 2012 by ByronFortescue
RF Security Disclosure Policy
This policy states the 'guidelines' that an individual intends to follow. You basically have 5 days (read below for the definitions and semantics of what is considered a 'day') to return contact to the individual, and must keep in contact with them *at least* every 5 days. Failure to do so will discourage them from working with you and encourage them to publicly disclose the security problem.
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october 2011 by thijsniks

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