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On the Count of Three - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
“Put your glass down,” he said quietly. “Or throw it in my face in the next three seconds. Two. One.”

((Series that starts with Dresden playing poker with Marcone and Kincaid. Tagged for the whole series.))
au  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  pairing:dresden/kincaid  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  fic  slash  threesome  bets  pwp  possessive  knifeplay  gun.kink  author:lightgetsin 
19 days ago by zimaya
what you want, not what you need - Lise - Thor (Movies)
Loki's been holding out pretty well on Sakaar. The Grandmaster is getting a little tired of it.

Loki loses a bet, and it's time to pay up.
slash  fic  bets  fandom:thor  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  pairing:grandmaster/loki  dubcon  sextoys 
february 2019 by zimaya
From $2,000 to $200,000 🚀 : wallstreetbets
About a month ago, I wrote about (and provided screenshots for) how I grew from $2,000 to $64,000. This is a continuation of that post, where, over the past month, I gained about 200% and grew the account to $200k.

High level takeaways:

Most of the gains were from IQ, KORS, SIG, IAC, and MTCH - positions changed and I went in and out of different spots over the past month, so I didn't provide specific position level detail here.

I, at one point, lost $80k in combined realized/unrealized losses and opportunity costs (e.g. sold out of IQ too early to place a losing bet on KORS earnings), but have since made back about $60k of it quadrupling down on KORS

I wrote up some posts detailing my strategies and thought processes if you're interested in digging through my post history. This post is probably most comprehensive in terms of how I think about positions.

In terms of what I'm playing today; I think this week has a lot of catalysts that can boost my existing positions, but I'll probably risk-off at the end of this week or early next week. I don't see too much more room to run in my current positions, and I don't see anything super compelling at the moment. I think AZO still has a bit to run and options are cheap enough where money can be made. I previously called SIG to $60, so that only leaves about 3% upside left. KORS I'm getting out at low $70s, at which point I expect it to stagnate a bit. I think IAC has a lot of long-term potential, as it trades lower than sum-of-parts, but it's more a stock play than an option play, since it struggles to break $160 resistance. I like YELP a lot, but will probably continue to monitor it over the next month before entering a position. My most prescient call was probably TSLA to just under $400 while the stock was still trading under $300; it's then jumped about 20% in the week since I made the post. Not playing it though, as options are super expensive... not a good risk/return imo.

Random market call: I think KORS will acquire FOSL at some point. Maybe not imminently, as I think FOSL currently is very overvalued (would love to short it, but am waiting for an inflection point), but I think an acquisition is very very likely.
bets  stocks  trading 
june 2018 by rtlechow

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