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RT : Someone said to me "None of the women could jump on a counter like !" and I said, "No woman would put her shoe…
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yesterday by stealingsand
Honored to meet today on a campaign stop in Rock Hill, SC ! What a great message!
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2 days ago by andriak
I can only hope America will start taking as seriously as many are taking , even in the absence…
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3 days ago by Autumn.Corvus
Your New Bicycle-Beto, childcare, and the cool
There are other candidates in the race, whose stories and priorities look more like mine. Kirsten Gillibrand, who’s running on family leave, brings her children along to speeches and provides free childcare at her events. Elizabeth Warren, who’s campaigning on universal childcare, has spoken about the fact that her career would not be possible if not for the childcare she picked up from her aunt. She can get on stage and talk about being unable to afford child care, or unable to find a reputable provider on her budget, can remember the funny smell at the day care or mention her “then-husband’s” lack of help with an instantly legible glare.

But neither Gillibrand nor Warren has the option of being cool: Free, loose, unentangled. They can’t cruise through life, Beto O’Rourke style, on their bikes, haplessly falling into punk bands and/or the Presidency, surprised by yet accepting of their own charisma.
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4 days ago by Quercki
Beto O’Rourke’s secret membership in America’s oldest hacking group
Wheeler kept the Cult of the Dead Cow small, with no more than 20 active members at a time and about 50 over the group’s life. It continues today. The vast majority have remained anonymous, though most of the core participants agreed to identify themselves for the forthcoming book, called “Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World.” Campbell and Wheeler were two of those who agreed to be identified as CDC members for the first time.
5 days ago by zhumink
Beto O'Rourke Supported Entitlement Reforms - The Atlantic
As the Democratic Party shifts leftward, can primary voters look past the candidate’s fiscal responsibility?
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6 days ago by po
Biden and Beto’s Aid to GOP Candidates Is Disqualifying
In the historically important 2018 midterm elections, Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke both boosted vulnerable GOP incumbents, over the objections of local Democratic parties. That should disqualify both men from receiving the Democrats 2020 nomination.
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6 days ago by jstenner
Beto O’Rourke Raised $6.1 Million Online in First 24 Hours of Campaign - The New York Times
Mr. O’Rourke’s aides would not say what their average contribution was or how many total donors contributed within the first 24 hours of his bid.
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6 days ago by jstenner
Beto O’Rourke’s secret membership in America’s oldest hacking group
The first in San Francisco was co-hosted by CDC member Adam O’Donnell, an entrepreneur and a security engineer at Cisco Systems
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6 days ago by neomindryan

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