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“Jo!” cried Meg. “You’re not just an author. You’re an illusionist!”

(Jo sets off on her artistic journey, while Amy takes a parallel path.)
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19 days ago by alcottfanfiction
Beth's Thoughts The Girl in the Corner
Beth, as she grew sicker and assured of her quickly approaching death, spent much of her time thinking in peaceful silence. In fact, Beth was rather quiet and thoughtful all her life. This poem, "The Girl in the Corner", is based around Beth's short, meaningful life, and how she could have changed so much more in the world for the better if people took the time to notice her.
Rated: Fiction K - English - Poetry - Words: 302 - Reviews: 1 - Published: Dec 16 - id: 13148916
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4 weeks ago by alcottfanfiction
Little Tranquility
In a world where Beth survives scarlet fever, like her elder sisters, Amy does not exist, and Jo goes to Europe, Beth turns into Laurie's only refuge. And perhaps he will find that Jo's little sister, the forever optimistic little Beth, is much better than any love of his? Beth x Laurie AU
littlewomen  Marguerite_Thian  beth/laurie  beth  laurie  john/meg  bhaer/jo  daisy  demi  bhaer  jo  auntmarch  meg  johnbrooke  ao3 
4 weeks ago by alcottfanfiction
Anne of the Asylum
The four March Sisters have recently inherited the Hopetown orphan asylum, and recently received a new orphan named Anne Shirley. Set before Anne of Green Gables.
jo  meg  beth  amy  littlewomen  crossover  TheEpicNerdRightHere 
october 2018 by alcottfanfiction
A Writing Expedition
With the Portfolio sadly lacking in material, the Pickwick Club takes to the river in a hunt for new inspiration.
jo  laurie  meg  beth  amy  littlewomen  ao3  Elennare 
october 2018 by alcottfanfiction
Can you feel this?
Beth tries to share the sensations of the dying process with Jo, in hopes that her sister will be able to use them in her writing. Jo ponders the morality of writing, and whether or not it's good to put dark and painful stories out into the world. Written for fictober18 .
jo  beth  littlewomen  ao3  chiana606 
october 2018 by alcottfanfiction
Beth's diary
In this short story Beth has survived her painful illness. Amy has accepted Fred Vaughn's proposal and went to his estate in England. For the wedding, she invites her sisters Jo and Beth and her old friend Laurie. Beth meets Fred's brother Frank again and together they'll try to manage a true Happily ever after for sister Jo.
beth  jo  laurie  frank  littlewomen  JaneDandelionfire 
july 2018 by alcottfanfiction
Good Spouses: Beth and Fritz
When Beth mends, Fritz must put aside his feelings for Jo. But his friendship with her leads to happiness, still.
littlewomen  ao3  beth  bhaer  jo  beth/bhaer 
may 2018 by alcottfanfiction

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