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RescueTime - Enable detail logging for your common activities
Whew! A big benefit of paying for RescueTime. Def want detailed info for sites like Complice and aggregators like Franz, Rambox, ManageYum, Station (latter three so far shown). Woot!
Rescuetime  best_of  discipline  productivity  references 
2 days ago by skinnymuch
Beginner's Chase Guide for folks under 5/24 : churning
So you can only do 5 new cards every 24 months. I'm not sure how it works if I apply all at once. This seems to indicate it doesn't work like that and they [banks] take their time? Since they said apply for one, then the other.
manufactured_spending  frugal  churning  best_of  wiki  info  references  $credit_card_project 
8 days ago by skinnymuch
Get Point
"Use Point to send and discuss
webpages with friends." aka links
extensions  chrome  %product_hunt  iOS  best_of  sharing  email  integrations  unique_spin  researching 
15 days ago by skinnymuch

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