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Breadcrumbs In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices — Smashing Magazine
a secondary navigation scheme that allows users to establish where they are; and an alternative way to navigate around your website.
best-practices  web-design 
2 days ago by chrisdillon
Markdown Guide
Open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown. Dunno what MD dialect is being used but seems useful anyway.
markdown  reference  best-practices  writing  publishing  authorea 
4 days ago by mjlassila Documentation | Best Practices
Assigning Return Values Anti-Pattern: Trying to assign the return value of Commands with const, let, or var. Best Practice: Use closures to access and store what Commands yield you. Many first tim
testing  best-practices 
4 days ago by aaronmcadam
How “Controllable” React components maximize reusability
There are 3 different ways to manage your data flow: The Uncontrolled way, where the component manages its own data. The Controlled way, where the parent manages the data. And the Controllable way.
react  best-practices 
7 days ago by aaronmcadam
Data Management Challenges in Production Machine Learning
This tutorial discusses data-management issues that arise in the context of production ML pipelines. Informed by our own experience with such large-scale pipelines, we focus on issues related to validating, debugging, cleaning, understanding, and enriching training data. The goal of the tutorial is to bring forth these issues, draw connections to prior work in the database literature, and outline the open research questions that are not addressed by prior art. We believe that the data management community is well positioned to address these issues and we hope to motivate the audience to look more closely in this area.
ML  production  tutorial  experience  best-practices 
7 days ago by foodbaby

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