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UC Berkeley Product Management Training Program
Our five-day Product Management Certificate Program combines the latest in Design Thinking with the best of the Berkeley-Haas MBA program, to prepare you for your dual role: General Manager of your product line, and Product Designer creating products and services your customers will love.
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7 days ago by kiranmaxweber
Ann Arriola Plant at Marvin Gardens Real Estate
Ann Arriola Plant has been in real estate sales since 1977, and a partner/owner in Marvin Gardens Real Estate since 1980. Ann has over 30 years of real estate sales experience exclusively in the Berkeley, Kensington, Albany and Rockridge areas. Ann entered the field of real estate with five years of retail marketing experience and a background in art and design that she often utilizes when staging a home for the real estate market. She also has extensive experience remodeling homes.

A native of the East Bay, Ann grew up in Alameda, Oakland and Orinda. Ann is married with two sons and lives in the Thousand Oaks area of North Berkeley.

"If you are looking for an agent to help you through the difficult task of preparing your home for the market, marketing your property for the best price, and seeing it through to a successful close, call me".
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20 days ago by kiranmaxweber
Aftelier Perfumes
Aftel Archive of Curious Scents is a small museum devoted to natural aromatics and artifacts at 1518-1/2 Walnut St., Berkeley, CA.
museums  bayArea  Berkeley  perfume 
25 days ago by fogfish
Stat 260/CS 294: Bayesian Modeling and Inference
- Priors (conjugate, noninformative, reference)
- Hierarchical models, spatial models, longitudinal models, dynamic models, survival models
- Testing
- Model choice
- Inference (importance sampling, MCMC, sequential Monte Carlo)
- Nonparametric models (Dirichlet processes, Gaussian processes, neutral-to-the-right processes, completely random measures)
- Decision theory and frequentist perspectives (complete class theorems, consistency, empirical Bayes)
- Experimental design
unit  course  berkeley  expert  michael-jordan  machine-learning  acm  bayesian  probability  stats  lecture-notes  priors-posteriors  markov  monte-carlo  frequentist  latent-variables  decision-theory 
26 days ago by nhaliday
AndreaRentals is a concierge service that works on both sides of the rental market: finding tenants for owners, and finding homes for tenants.
sanfrancisco  bayarea  rentals  concierge  berkeley 
28 days ago by kiranmaxweber

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