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The Mob Vetoes Ann Coulter | The American Conservative
Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis held that people must be able to discuss and criticize unpopular ideas, that free speech is not an abstract virtue but a key element at the heart of a democratic society. Even the fact that speech is likely to result in “violence or in destruction of property is not enough to justify its suppression.” Brandeis concluded “the deterrents to be applied to prevent violence and disruption are education and punishment for violations of the law, not abridgment of free speech.”

Free speech is not an ends, it is a means, in a democracy. Shame on two of America’s prominent universities for treading on that mighty concept. Free speech is messy, and it is our essential defense against fascism, whether from the left or the right.
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2 days ago by sbostwic
RT : This hat is the most 2017 thing I have yet seen.
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RT : isn't under attack. Free speech is under attack, you spineless coward.
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This hat is the most 2017 thing I have yet seen.
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2 days ago by renfrowk
First protester arrested at for not removing his mask.
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3 days ago by renfrowk
isn't under attack. Free speech is under attack, you spineless coward.
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3 days ago by renfrowk
RT : Cops Did Nothing While Cowards Threw M80s & Used Sticks to Beat Trumpers..WHY❓Their Chief Told Th…
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7 days ago by nausley
SearchMan w/Gun
2200 Blk McKinleySt
1800 Blk AllstonWy
1800 Blk Ban…
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Exposed: The Alt-Right Trump Supporters Who Brought Violence to Berkeley (with images, tweets) · RVAwonk · Storify
Some reports claimed that the violence broke out during a Tax March in Berkeley, while others described the scenes as spontaneous clashes between pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators. But neither of those depictions provide an accurate account of the story, which actually began months ago and culminated in the violence we saw on the streets of Berkeley.
When #Berkeley started trending on Twitter Saturday afternoon, it immediately piqued my interest because it had all the telltale signs of an orchestrated hasthtag campaign: a sudden and rapid rise in the number of tweets; several accounts tweeting and retweeting the hashtag to amplify its reach; and a large number of bots tweeting the exact same image and caption. The hashtag was also being pushed by several suspect accounts that have appeared in nearly all of the orchestrated pro-Trump hashtag campaigns that I’ve tracked in recent months,
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9 days ago by Quercki
Berkeley police chief: 'Our people did exactly what we asked' in April 15 demo — Berkeleyside
Community members like Paul Kealoha Blake — who has publicly critiqued many aspects of local policing for decades — said he, for one, believes the complaints this time are largely unfounded. He said the searches for weapons were good, though he would have preferred community input on that process. In the park, in particular, he said the police strategy seemed pretty solid.

“They weren’t rushing headlong into the crowd. There was no long drawn out path-blocking, police line. They were almost surgical in their approach,” he said. And Blake noted that, when police did move in to make arrests, those interactions appeared to act as a deterrent to some of the bad behavior.

“I don’t buy the criticisms of them doing nothing. I would point to this: no broken windows, no property damage,” he said. “And there will be no lawsuits based on the police clubbing someone. I like that. I think that’s better.”
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9 days ago by Quercki
RT : Flag recovered from the Battle of reminds us why commies should not control the means of production…
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10 days ago by renfrowk
Malbec tasting this weekend at Urbano Cellars, April 21-23.

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10 days ago by CraigCamp
RT : . setlist @ Greek Theatre, , CA, Day 1 (17.4.2017)
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