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With students gone, is a ghost town, as evidenced by this view down Telegraph Ave. that would ordinarily…
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9 days ago by johnfromberkeley
UC ClioMetric History Project
Studies of higher education in the United States have long been limited by historical data availability and minimal centralized data collection, and many historical records are deprecated and nearing disposal. The University of California ClioMetric History Project (UC-CHP) extends prior analysis in two ways: (1) by digitizing thousands of volumes of historical registers and catalogs and extracting millions of individual administrative records, and (2) by coordinating with university Registrars and other offices to digitize hundreds of thousands of historical student transcripts, constructing a database of restricted student records for academic and institutional research.

The University of California’s sesquicentennial, 150 years after its founding in 1868, provides an additional catalyst to preserve, analyze, and publicize California universities’ long-run contribution to the state’s growth, health, economic mobility, and gender/ethnic equity.

The UC-CHP database currently includes directory records for all UC, Stanford, CalTech, and Mills College students (1893-1946), UC and Stanford faculty and courses (1900-2011), detailed annual UC budgets (1911-2012), and digitized student transcripts for UC San Francisco (1947-2017). Student transcript records are currently being digitized for UC Santa Cruz (1965-2017) and Berkeley (1951-2017).

The UC-CHP project is directed by Zach Bleemer, an economist and CSHE Research Associate at UC Berkeley, and is currently housed at UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education (with principal investigator John Douglass) in partnership with the UC Office of the President.
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11 days ago by rybesh
Letter from urban planning professors at California universities, describing the causes of the housing crisis, potential solutions, support for SB 827 and transit-oriented development of dense housing and the necessity of new housing supply to address the crisis.
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11 days ago by npdoty
Berkeley police stops show racial disparities — but what does that mean? — Berkeleyside
> Black and Hispanic drivers and pedestrians stopped by police in Berkeley are searched “at much higher rates” than white ones, according to a report released this week by the Center for Policing Equity (CPE).

> “If everybody who’s being stopped has an equal probability of being in possession of drugs or weapons regardless of their race or ethnicity, then you’d expect the yield rates to be the same.… But it does appear, in the Berkeley data and in every department I’ve ever seen, that whites are being subjected to a higher threshold of suspiciousness in order to be searched.” - UC Berkeley Professor Jack Glaser

> “It’d be great to capture a whole bunch more data on every stop,” he said. But the question is, he continued, “How to even start doing that? ... Police need to be giving data but also need to be doing their work,” he said. “So that’s a challenge.” - Berkeley police chief Andrew Greenwood
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