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Graduate Hotels - Berkeley
near campus, ~$260 for double queens
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14 days ago by allisonf
Solomon Darwin Takes Corporate Innovation to Rural Villages in India
As an academic, Darwin has become an increasingly influential promoter of U.S.-India ties, meeting with government officials up to India’s president and prime minister, and becoming the leader of a Smart Village Movement that aims to bring technological and economic development to India’s rural villages. There are some 650,000 such villages in India, and they are home to nearly 70 percent of the country’s 1.3 billion citizens.
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23 days ago by cyberchucktx
Note to Self: Time to taunt people on the other coast?

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27 days ago by delong
Drop Off Rules | -
Save a trip by reviewing our basic drop off rules first.

What you can and cannot bring to Urban Ore.
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4 weeks ago by wilduckling
Over 120 police raided again today, destroying tents and more trees. Six arreats were made,…
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5 weeks ago by briantrice
Computational and Inferential Thinking
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5 weeks ago by clehene

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