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Telegraph Avenue history tour app
Now there is a free smart phone enabled Telegraph Historical Walking Tour, featuring compelling stories told by people who experienced the events in person.
Powered by an interactive 3D map developed by Guidekick, the location-sensitive app will help visitors navigate the area and learn how the events that occurred in the district still impact people’s lives today. The 11 locations each have multiple historical points of interest. When the app is opened, an interactive 3D map of the Telegraph District is displayed, offering a simple way to navigate between stops.

The technology enables the app to be used without headphones and written text creates an equal experience for those who are hearing impaired. Tour users will also be able to take thematic tours of the district, such as significant architecture or the internment of Japanese American during World War II.

The idea for the historic walking tour came to Baker when he visited Atlanta and heard about the Civil Rights Freedom Trail.
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5 days ago by dbourn
College Navigator - University of California-Berkeley
You can search for any college/university, and under the 'Tuition Fees & Student Expenses' tab, you can use a nifty tool to project costs over a 4 year period with a specific start date (e.g. 2021). And you can view previous tuition and living costs.

Also shows percent admitted, and SAT scores for admitted students.
colleges  tuition  calculator  berkeley  calendar 
15 days ago by earth2marsh
The Bear’s Lair: The untold story of systemic gender discrimination inside UC Berkeley’s IT Department
Another disappointing report of a Berkeley manager found in violation of our sexual harassment policies and then receiving no punishment; in this case, it fits in with the trend in tech towards exclusionary sexism.
sexism  sexualharassment  Berkeley  via:noise 
23 days ago by npdoty

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