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Passing Notebooks in Class: West Big Data Innovation Hub’s UC Berkeley and UW partner with Microsoft on shared data science infrastructure | Division of Data Sciences
In a similar vein, the new DATA 512: Human-Centered Data Science(link is external) (link is external) course at UW aims to enable reproducible workflows and foster community dialogue. “I expect that Jupyter notebooks and the course infrastructure we are piloting for the first time will be great teaching and communication tools for reinforcing best practices and supporting experimentation,” notes instructor Jonathan T. Morgan, Senior Design Researcher at the Wikimedia Foundation. The notebooks will help guide students in sharing the story of their research using various tools, from code and data to prose and visualizations, with the goal of making the projects more accessible and impactful for a wider variety of audiences.
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12 days ago by jaimoe
The Left's Embrace Of Violence Backfires | The Daily Caller
The message was loud and clear from America’s entertainers and lefty pundits: it’s OK to punch those you deem to be a “Nazi,” and we’ll cheer it on.
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4 weeks ago by Jswindle
Bird Notes
East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden blog
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