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Favorite: Couple Therapy, by Netsrak
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6 weeks ago by pauljacobson
Installing Sirius on a Mac / PC / Linux
A guide to getting Sirius running on a normal computer
littleprinter  berg  bergcloud  iot 
november 2018 by lazyatom
Running Sirius on a Raspberry Pi
A pre-built image to run the minimal backend server for Little Printers
littleprinter  berg  bergcloud  iot  raspberrypi 
november 2018 by lazyatom
Rooting your BERG Cloud Bridge
More detailed instructions about rooting the BERGcloud bridge
littleprinter  berg  bergcloud  bridge  iot 
november 2018 by lazyatom
Someone's direct experience replacing the Little Printer bridge firmware
littleprinter  berg  bergcloud  thermal  printer 
november 2018 by lazyatom
Software ideas to make Little Printer print again
Some folks have managed to get their Little Printers working again by figuring out how to replace the firmware directly (not using the defunct BERGcloud server) and then their own version of the defunct "Sirius" project
littleprinter  berg  bergcloud  printer  thermal 
november 2018 by lazyatom
Experience Design & Material Exploration by Jack Schulze & Timo Arnall
Modest things can be made into quite exciting objects just by looking properly. This project didn’t just emerge because we thought it would be cool to have a printer with a face, it was because of the opportunities afforded to us by the industrial systems already in place.
berg  jackschulze  timoarnall  interactiondesign 
august 2018 by mayonissen

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