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Bereavement Advice Centre
We give practical information, advice and signposting on the many issues and procedures that face us after the death of someone close.
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26 days ago by brunns
Tips for working with bereaved families - BBC Academy
In the immediate aftermath of an incident…

Consider the safety of members of the public. Make sure people are safe if they are providing images/videos/information
Clearly identify yourself as a journalist when talking to people on the ground or on the phone
Be thoughtful of using UGC (user-generated content) images – are they too violent? Do they need a warning?
Consider when, and how often, to use images and sound of the point of death (ie the actual sound of the explosion)
Check tips and sources to make sure all information is accurate and responsible
Be accurate - check spellings of names, ages and times 
Consider the choice of experts to put on air - think about what they might say and what impact their interview could have
Make sure you are in touch with the newsgathering co-ordinator to share names of victims that are being identified
DO NOT relay the death of a relative 
Try to find acts of kindness too, not just focus on the 'bad' story - are people giving blood, raising money, providing shelter, etc.?
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august 2018 by paulbradshaw
How to tell people that someone has died, a Twitter thread
a few years ago, it fell to me to tell some family members that someone very close to them had died. one of my best friends is a doctor, and he gave me some really good advice about how to do that conversation. which I pass on now, for anyone who needs to give bad news.
by:NaomiAlderman  from:twitter  bereavement  death  reference  howto 
july 2018 by owenblacker

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