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Egyptian ‘bent’ pyramid dating back 4,600 years opens to public | The Independent
Egypt has opened King Sneferu’s 4,600-year-old “bent” pyramid to the public. The 101m-high structure, in the Dahshur royal necropolis, just south of Cairo, is one of two built for Sneferu, the pharaoh who founded the Fourth Dynasty. Tourists will be allowed inside the ancient structure after archaeologists found “hidden tombs” containing mummies, masks and tools.
pyramid  bent  tourism 
4 days ago by xer0x
IPhone 6 Bend Test + HTC One M8, Moto X, Others | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Iphone 6 Bend Test + HTC A person M8, Moto X, Other folks Initial Bend Test: Look at the Be aware 3 bend: Squarespace: Provide Code: UNBOX Follow ME IN THESE Places FOR UPDATES Twitter – Fb – Instagram – Google Furthermore – Iphone 6 Bend Test + […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Iphone  apple  bend  Test  bend-gate  bendgate  Bent  htc  one  M8  6  Unbox  Therapy  unboxtherapy 
august 2017 by wotek
nodes - TikZ: Bend text so that it follows a line - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
For use with mind maps; it may be possible to have dot or dot2tex help with the initial format, then use this method afterwards.
graphs  visualization  tikz  bend  bent  text  edge  line  latex  tex  mind  maps  mindmap 
january 2016 by mpcasey
Curved laser bent wood - All
Includes techniques for bending in certain direction using photoshop warping tools
laser  cut  patterns  bent  wood  hinge  fabrication  making  photoshop  warping 
november 2015 by andrewn
USB  type  B  typeB  connector  bent  90  degrees  degree 
march 2015 by neerajsinghvns

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