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Popular versus Brilliant | Designers + Geeks
"Jim Bull is worried about the future of design and thinks you should be too. Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Moving Brands, Jim dissects an industry where design is judged by the number of its likes and shares, where the focus is on efficiency rather than brilliance, and where one or two companies set the design standard for the globe."

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[Tagged “web rococo” because this is the opposite.]

[Not sure why there is no mention of Tibor Kalman and Oliviero Toscani in the Benetton discussion. And there seems to be some tunnel vision here. Sure, the big SV VC backed companies are all looking the same, but they're not the only ones making things on the web. You know, there are many other countries and languages to look to for something other than California Design. Uh, maybe that's more the issue: SV only sees itself and it's not diverse.]

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february 2016 by robertogreco
Einsturz von Textilfabrik: Benetton zahlt 1,1 Mio. Dollar -
"Bei der Katastrophe waren mehr als 1.100 Textilarbeiter ums Leben gekommen, mehr als 2.000 weitere Menschen wurden verletzt. Zahlreiche westliche Firmen hatten im Rana-Plaza-Komplex Kleidung fertigen lassen. Ermittlungen zufolge stürzte das Gebäude unter dem Gewicht illegal errichteter Stockwerke und schwerer Maschinen ein."
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april 2015 by gohai

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