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Raspberry Pi, Pi 2 and Pi 3 Benchmarks - Roy Longbottom's PC benchmark Collection
Roy Longbottom’s PC Benchmark Collection comprises numerous FREE benchmarks and reliability testing programs, for processors, caches, memory, buses, disks, flash drives, graphics, local area networks and Internet. Original ones run via DOS and later versions under all varieties of Windows. Most have also been converted to run under Linux on PCs. and many to run via Android on tablets and phones. Some of the Linux variety C/C++ source code was changed slightly to compile for execution on the Raspberry Pi.
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6 days ago by euler
Server-side I/O: Node vs. PHP vs. Java vs. Go | Toptal
Understanding the Input/Output (I/O) model of your application can mean the difference between an application that deals with the load it is subjected to, and one that crumples in the face of real-world use cases. Perhaps while your application is small and does not serve high loads, it may matter far less. But as your application’s traffic load increases, working with the wrong I/O model can get you into a world of hurt.
(me: interesting comments left by readers)
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8 days ago by ezequiel

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