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Costs and Causes of Innovation - Los Angeles Review of Books
The real problem we face is to decide how our society should expend its efforts to encourage innovation. Bell Labs represents one answer; universities, government agencies, and small private companies offer different ones. On its own, The Idea Factory cannot tell us whether Bell Labs provides a good or bad model for promoting innovation — it needs to have its benefits and costs stacked up against other models.

Gertner prepares the way for us by describing the benefits and costs of a monopolistic research lab with texture and substance. If The Idea Factory is read as a book about the causes of innovation, however, we run the risk of passing over this debate. It is inappropriate and unhelpful to read The Idea Factory with a view to learning about the causes of innovation, but I am glad that there are much better reasons to read it.
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1969 & 70 - Bell Labs
I spent a couple of years as Operations Manager at a Bell Labs data center in Oakland, CA developing what was the a state of the art database search system. One day I brought a camera to work and this was the result.
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