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Opinion: Ottawa seems to be out of ideas on devising a new kind of China policy
JUNE 19, 2019 | The Globe and Mail | by DAVID MULRONEY. SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND
David Mulroney was Canada’s ambassador to China from 2009 to 2012.

A new approach is needed to managing Canada’s relationship with China – one that’s alive to Canadian vulnerabilities as well as our national interests.....There are many smart reasons for engaging China, but flattering the leadership in Beijing isn’t one of them. Good ideas emerge from hard thinking about long-term Canadian interests. Even summoning the vision and courage to think strategically would mark a significant improvement over our current China policy, which appears to be conjured up from equal measures of wishful thinking and parliamentary politics.....Thinking strategically requires asking why China is being so assertive, (e.g. building a blue-water navy, militarizing rocks and shoals in the South China Sea)....These are part of a patient and persistent Chinese effort to push the U.S. out of Asia and achieve regional dominance – and that is clearly not in Canada’s interest. The U.S.’s commitment to Asia enabled regional balance and, with it, peace and rising prosperity. More to the point, a China-dominated Asia would hardly be friendly to Canadian values and ideas.
(1) Abandon our current policy of “comprehensive engagement” – the notion that we should say yes to just about anything related to China. Cancel the commitment of $256-million over five years to the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
(2) reassessment of our relationship with Taiwan.
(3) move from talking about human rights in China to actually doing something about them. We normally count on the United Nations to address major human-rights abuses, but the UN, anxious to avoid offending Beijing, has been silent in the face of the government’s mass detention of Uyghurs and its brutal assault on their religion, language and culture.
(4) do the same for China’s beleaguered Tibetans. Canada’s commitment would be a welcome signal to both communities that they haven’t been forgotten.
(5) investment at home, too. Put more money into domestic security, combatting Chinese interference more effectively. And we shouldn’t be afraid to name and shame perpetrators when we discover examples of meddling; Beijing won’t like it, but it will also probably tone down its more egregious activities.
(6) invest in China competence in Ottawa, where the commodity is alarmingly scarce. Future leaders in key departments, in the security agencies and in the Canadian Forces need to be far more aware of how China works and how it thinks. This isn’t about agreeing with China, but about understanding it – something that we’re having a hard time doing at present. To do so, Ottawa should create a special “China School” that not only offers language training but also exposes top people across government to the best thinking on China’s politics, economics and security issues.
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Opinion | Thirty Years After Tiananmen: Someone Always Remembers - The New York Times
This view is not limited to a few dissidents or foreign scholars, people out to make China look bad or who just can’t let bygones be bygones. The memory of Tiananmen is also being kept alive by people in China who believe that a government that uses force to stay in power is illegitimate.

History is also written with the smallest of gestures. Every spring I make a small trip to the Babaoshan cemetery in the western suburbs of Beijing to pay respects to two victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre
Four lines of the poem inscribed on the back of Xuehan’s tombstone explain, in a code of sorts, both the cause of his death and Xu Jue’s ritual:

Eight calla lilies
Nine yellow chrysanthemums
Six white tulips
Four red roses

Eight, nine, six, four. Year, month, day. June 4, 1989.

Two years ago, Ms. Xu died of cancer, at 77. Both years since, I’ve made the trip to the graves, thinking someone ought to put out the flowers. Each time, the 27 flowers were already there, tied in a neat bundle. Someone remembered. Someone always remembers.
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. and I have been thinking about Beijing's warped sense of scale. All our friends who visit get confus…
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Animated shows one day of taxi traffic in . Source:
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More and more people who are working in Beijing opt to live in Tianjin due to the high housing cost in the capital…
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Maybe Mars
"Maybe Mars is one of the largest independent record labels in China. Launched in 2007 and based in Beijing, it’s deeply rooted in the local underground scene and maintains excellent relations with the capital’s best musicians, the media and associated organizations, with the aim to support talented Chinese musicians and artists. Given its international staff and network, Maybe Mars is able to rely upon numerous connections in the music industry in foreign countries, namely the USA, Europe and Australia, progressively increasing their musicians’ presence in these areas.

Since its inception, Maybe Mars has catapulted to fame several renowned Chinese bands such as P. K. 14, Carsick Cars and folk singer Xiao He while keeping in direct touch with the scene and continuously adding to their portfolio of exceptional artists, which to date also includes White+, Chui Wan, Hiperson, Birdstriking and Alpine Decline amongst many others.

The main focus is on making the best recordings of what Maybe Mars strongly believes are among the best rock, punk, experimental and noise artists in the country, while encouraging them to excel in their live shows. In the past, Maybe Mars was very closely associated to seminal club D-22 in the Wudaokou area in Beijing and XP, both now closed. Maybe Mars works with a network of venues throughout China, organizing several tours a year. Over the past three years, Maybe Mars has boosted their international network, especially in Europe and the USA, bringing Chinese independent music closer to Western audiences." -site about page
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