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The Value of Human-Centered Design in Health Tech – The Nuna Blog
The Value of Human-Centered Design in Health Tech
When you’re building solutions for a complex industry like healthcare IT, human-centered design principles are critical to success.
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8 weeks ago by hangtwenty
Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions - Futility Closet
In 1958 psychologist Robert Plutchik suggested that there are eight primary emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, trust, disgust, surprise, and anticipation. Each of the eight exists because it serves an adaptive role that gives it survival value — for example, fear inspires the fight-or-flight response.

He arranged them on a wheel to show their relationships, with similar emotions close together and opposites 180 degrees apart. Like colors, emotions can vary in intensity (joy might vary from serenity to ecstasy), and they can mix to form secondary emotions (submission is fear combined with trust, and awe is fear combined with surprise).
emotions  psychology  behavioral_economics  brainfood 
february 2019 by perich
The End of Economics? – Foreign Policy
“Recent events have hammered still more nails into the coffin of traditional economics. If the great divide of 20th-century politics was over free markets, the key splits that have emerged in the past few years involve immigration, race, religion, gender, and a whole set of related cultural and identity issues. Where in the past one could predict a voter’s choice based on his or her economic standing, today voters are driven more by concerns about social status or cultural coherence than by economic self-interest.”
politics  economics  culture  behavioral_economics 
january 2019 by alexpriest
Philosophical Science Lab — more science, less fiction
Philosophy asks important questions, but it doesn't have a distinctive methodology for answering them. In the Philosophical Science Lab, we use scientific methods to make progress on philosophical questions, new and old.
philosophy  teaching_pol_theory  political_theory  Science  Behavioral_economics  data  Methodology  pol.505 
january 2019 by Jibarosoy
The Diderot effect - Mind Control - BBC Reel
the desire to match a lifestyle product can compel us to buy other products that match it (like Apple products)
"symbolic fantasy" - The Overspent American (book) - talks about a fantasy life that people associate with owning a certain product
psychology  behavioral_economics 
january 2019 by braziljosh
Opinion | Why Is Behavioral Economics So Popular? - The New York Times
The recent vogue for this academic field is in part a triumph of marketing.
behavioral_economics  article  nytimes 
october 2018 by jonny

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