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with a theme of . How about the fictional creation myth of Richard Adams and that wond…
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january 2018 by danbri
Apple Campus 2 Officially Named 'Apple Park', Set For Grand Opening in April - Mac Rumors
Apple today announced that Apple Campus 2 will be open and ready for employees to begin moving in this April, while also officially naming the site "Apple Park." Moving more than 12,000 employees to the site will take more than six months, the company said, and some smaller building construction and landscaping will continue into the summer.
Apple  SteveJobs  MacRumors  Beginnings  AppleStores  Campuses  ApplePark  TechNews  Architecture 
march 2017 by dk33per
So you want to be an IA?
The only way to learn a new medium is to immerse yourself in it and be ready to feel like a total beginner. This is a time of anxiety and self-investment that many people are not able to justify in practice.

You need to read the books people in that medium are reading or have read. Sometimes you have to look up every third word to even get what is being discussed.
You need to learn about the materials and jargon that make up that medium and how they are wielded in context to various problems that need to be solved.
You need to do work (often for free or low pay) that allows you to screw around, and even screw up within that medium before you are ready for primetime.
informationarchitecture  beginnings  learning 
january 2016 by laurajnash
Report: Hideo Kojima starting new studio with former Konami employees - Giant Bo...
Hideo Kojima Kojima Productions Gaming news Game studios beginnings PS4 (PlayStation 4) Andrew House (Sony) Konami PlayStation (Brand) exclusives giant bomb
Hideo  Kojima  Kojima  Productions  Gaming  news  Game  studios  beginnings  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  Andrew  House  (Sony)  Konami  PlayStation  (Brand)  exclusives  giant  bomb 
december 2015 by dk33per
The new Kojima Productions logo is beautiful and fitting | DualShockers
Hideo Kojima Kojima Productions Dualshockers (Gaming site) Gaming news Game studios beginnings
Hideo  Kojima  Kojima  Productions  Dualshockers  (Gaming  site)  Gaming  news  Game  studios  beginnings 
december 2015 by dk33per
Here's what happened on Zane Lowe's first show for Apple Music's Beats 1 - BBC N...
Beats 1 (radio) Zane Lowe radio radio industry BBC Radio 1 BBC Newsbeat BBC News Music news beginnings Premiers and debuts Apple Music (Services) iTunes (Apple) iTunes Radio (Apple)
Beats  1  (radio)  Zane  Lowe  radio  radio  industry  BBC  1  BBC  Newsbeat  BBC  News  Music  beginnings  Premiers  and  debuts  Apple  Music  (Services)  iTunes  (Apple)  iTunes  (Apple) 
november 2015 by dk33per
First and Final Frames on Vimeo
"What can we learn by examining only the first and final shot of a film? This video plays the opening and closing shots of 55 films side-by-side. Some of the opening shots are strikingly similar to the final shots, while others are vastly different--both serving a purpose in communicating various themes. Some show progress, some show decline, and some are simply impactful images used to begin and end a film.
MUSIC: "Any Other Name" by Thomas Newman
Films used (in order of appearance):
The Tree of Life 00:00
The Master 00:09
Brokeback Mountain 00:15
No Country for Old Men 00:23
Her 00:27
Blue Valentine 00:30
Birdman 00:34
Black Swan 00:41
Gone Girl 00:47
Kill Bill Vol. 2 00:53
Punch-Drunk Love 00:59
Silver Linings Playbook 01:06
Taxi Driver 01:11
Shutter Island 01:20
Children of Men 01:27
We Need to Talk About Kevin 01:33
Funny Games (2007) 01:41
Fight Club 01:47
12 Years a Slave 01:54
There Will be Blood 01:59
The Godfather Part II 02:05
Shame 02:10
Never Let Me Go 02:17
The Road 02:21
Hunger 02:27
Raging Bull 02:31
Cabaret 02:36
Before Sunrise 02:42
Nebraska 02:47
Frank 02:54
Cast Away 03:01
Somewhere 03:06
Melancholia 03:11
Morvern Callar 03:18
Take this Waltz 03:21
Buried 03:25
Lord of War 03:32
Cape Fear 03:38
12 Monkeys 03:45
The World According to Garp 03:50
Saving Private Ryan 03:57
Poetry 04:02
Solaris (1972) 04:05
Dr. Strangelove 04:11
The Astronaut Farmer 04:16
The Piano 04:21
Inception 04:26
Boyhood 04:31
Whiplash 04:37
Cloud Atlas 04:43
Under the Skin 04:47
2001: A Space Odyssey 04:51
Gravity 04:57
The Searchers 05:03
The Usual Suspects 05:23
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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march 2015 by robertogreco
Fearne Cotton is leaving Radio 1 and having another baby
fearne cotton Clara Amfo BBC Radio 1 BBC News BBC Newsbeat Pregnancies Radio endings beginnings
fearne  cotton  Clara  Amfo  BBC  Radio  1  BBC  News  BBC  Newsbeat  Pregnancies  Radio  endings  beginnings 
february 2015 by dk33per
I think it’s very important for people to run away... - Austin Kleon
“I think it’s very important for people to run away from home… Most artists are runaways. From whatever they had. From their own coordinates, from the main street, from the family, from the culture, from the society that produced them… The moment I have to learn something new, like new habits, new languages, new coordinates, I myself have something like a rebirth. I reduce myself to the lowest common denominator. And this is very healthy for an artist. To start all over again. One gets in touch with the original poetry of his tender times, his beginnings. One becomes again a peasant, a desperado. This is very healthy.” — Saul Steinberg
saulsteinberg  runaways  outsiders  culture  society  rebirth  cv  beginnings  desperados  neoteny 
february 2015 by robertogreco

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