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If you are looking for Internet home business ideas, why not consider turning your love of picture taking into a money-making venture? After all, what could be better than doing something you love and making money for it?
portrait  photography  tips  for  beginners  official  site  essential  photographytipsnet  tricks  tutorials  life  digital  school  video  results  more  videos  photo 
7 days ago by global.dwellers
(5) Concrete basics for Beginners from top to bottom, ground prep, rebar, sealing & protecting - YouTube
Concrete basics for Beginners from top to bottom, ground prep, rebar, sealing & protecting
Concrete  basics  for  Beginners  ground  prep  rebar  sealing  &  protecting 
5 weeks ago by kilroy2
JH-TMK-Tutorial/ at master · etergo/JH-TMK-Tutorial · GitHub
“Welcome! The purpose of this tutorial is to take someone knowing nothing about writing custom firmware for a keyboard and give them the tools to write one for Jack Humbert’s fork of tmk_keyboard. Note that last part carefully, what is written here is written for Jack Humber's fork of TMK, and will only work with this version of tmk_keyboard.”
firmware  keyboards  building  2016  qmk  ergodox  canonical  beginners 
5 weeks ago by handcoding
Create a Meetup Account
RT : Meetup tomorrow about stateful components for by yours truly. 5 spots left!
reactjs  lisbon  beginners  Javascript  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by locks

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