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How to use Preview on Mac | iMore
This isn’t a bad introduction to Preview for beginners.
2017  mac  macos  osx  preview  beginners  pdf 
4 weeks ago by handcoding
The Magic Cafe Forums - Recommended books for beginners
Mark Wilson's book is a fantastic complete course, but is best suited for someone wanting to take the next step in magic, and already knows something about the basic principles of performing magic. It could be supplemented with Darwin Ortiz' book about presentation at a later stage. Genuine newcomers to magic would be better advised to begin with the Magic for Dummies or Idiot's Guide to Magic books, in order to get a more comprehensive introduction to all the facets of magic at a beginner level, and then later progress to Wilson's book or to more specialized books on their area of interest.

A final word of advice: Read the wise words posted by Andy the Cardician and the subsequent discussion here. Andy uses an excellent analogy to point out how many beginners can fall into the trap of buying all kinds of tricks and gimmicks, books and videos. Buying all kinds of expensive musical devices and knowing how musical instruments work doesn't make you a musician; In the same way, buying magic props and knowing how tricks work doesn't make you a magician. The real secret to magic isn't about spending money, it's about spending time. Along with the books recommended above, spend the time practicing to perfect the performance of just a few effects, and do them well.
books  recommendations  reviews  lesson_plans  study  guides  tips  beginners  magic 
5 weeks ago by 4and20blackbirds
(39) How To Build A Video Editing Computer | $850 Ryzen PC Beginners Build Guide | 2017 - YouTube
How To Build A Video Editing Computer | $850 Ryzen PC Beginners Build Guide
How  To  Build  A  Video  Editing  Computer  |  $850  Ryzen  PC  Beginners  Guide  2017  1st 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2
SPA Introduction
(There’s not necessarily a lot of new information here for you, but perhaps this could be good for beginners?)
“When creating an accessible single-page application (SPA) several things must happen when new content is loaded and focus must be managed correctly.

“Continue through this single-page application to learn more.”
singlepageapps  accessibility  a11y  2018  beginners 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
Managing focus for accessibility
(There’s not a lot of new information here, but perhaps this could be good for beginners?)
“If I’m building a single page web app, what should happen to focus when the user clicks some navigation?”
robdodson  2018  video  accessibility  a11y  focus  singlepageapps  beginners 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
Fun JSON decoder challenge from the Slack channel: Decode a tree (objects of arrays) of arbitra…
beginners  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago by tjweir
Fun JSON decoder challenge from the Slack channel: Decode a tree (objects of arrays) of arbitra…
beginners  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago by jackfranklin
Hyperlinks | Accessible U
This is actually a pretty darn good page on creating accessible link text (including audio clips from screen savers!).
links  accessibility  a11y  beginners  2018 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
How To Fix An Ugly Lawn | For Beginners - YouTube
How To Fix An Ugly Lawn | For Beginners
How  To  Fix  An  Ugly  Lawn  |  For  Beginners 
9 weeks ago by kilroy2
Vicki Krueger on Twitter: "Need help writing alt text? Use an audio guide on a museum tour and see how it provides context to artwork. @pam_hogle #ACES2018"
via @vkrueger: “Need help writing alt text? Use an audio guide on a museum tour and see how it provides context to artwork. @pam_hogle #ACES2018”
vkrueger  pam_hogle  alttext  advice  beginners  twitter  2018 
11 weeks ago by handcoding
Investing for Beginners | Investing Course | Investopedia Academy
Our beginners investing course will help you learn the basics of investing, smart portfolio management, and how to identify stocks and ETFs worth buying
investing  beginners 
11 weeks ago by BiteSize77
Video Information Image Producer
If you are looking for Internet home business ideas, why not consider turning your love of picture taking into a money-making venture? After all, what could be better than doing something you love and making money for it?
portrait  photography  tips  for  beginners  official  site  essential  photographytipsnet  tricks  tutorials  life  digital  school  video  results  more  videos  photo 
april 2018 by global.dwellers

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