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And of course, smol
One in
The one in the mariposa subalpine lily looks like it’s carrying blu…
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3 hours ago by tikitu
The Most Common Myths About Coral Snakes | The Venom Interviews
A honey bee’s venom is in roughly the same range of toxicity as some rattlesnakes.
A yellow-jacket wasp’s venom is comparable in toxicity to a gaboon viper’s.
A harvester ant’s venom is three times as toxic as a black mamba’s.
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4 days ago by chaseathompson
Wild bees are building their homes from plastic—and scientists aren’t sure why
Sixty-three wooden nests were constructed, and three were found lined entirely with plastic. Similar in size and shape to a fingernail, the bits of plastic had been carefully cut by bees and arranged in an overlapping pattern in their nests. Based on the material, researchers think the plastic may have come from a plastic bag or film, which has a similar texture to the leaves bees typically use to line their nests.
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9 days ago by rbarkman
Bzzz: 42 Projects All About Beekeeping
Here are 42 awesome instructables about bees that can help you protect your local colonies.
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12 days ago by skinna123
Program Will Pay Minnesota Homeowners To Make Their Lawns Into Bee-Friendly Habitats
The Star Tribune reports that program, which was approved by the Legislature under a spending plan, would set aside $90,000 for one year to help homeowners cover the cost of planting wildflowers and native grasses, especially in urban and suburban areas.
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19 days ago by emkay
Artist & Composer : Lily Hunter Green
Artist addressing environmental issues related to honeybees and colony collapse.
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20 days ago by benjamindauer

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