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Investigating cell stress for better health -- and better beer
"Yeast is essential for both food and drink preparation, for example in baking bread and brewing beer. This knowledge of yeast cells' physical characteristics could be invaluable. We could optimise the products exactly as we want them,"
science  yeast  beer 
6 days ago by emkay
MI Flagship February | Better On Draft
Welcome to MI Flagship February sponsored by Better on Draft!

This page is an evolving resource to re-introduce and remind the craft beer community of Michigan and beyond what each Michigan Craft Brewery’s* Flagship beers are. These are the first brew(s) a location had to offer, the go-to’s that kept the doors open, and/or been the most popular batches that put the brewery on the map!
michigan  beer  breweries  flagship 
6 days ago by ianmclaury
Watch Irish people puzzle over Minnesota craft beers
“I like Minnesota people!” Irish Jesus proclaims, absolutely knowing his audience. Then, for reasons understood only by the content oligarchs at YouTube, the intrepid Emerald Islander joined with five of his countrymen to evaluate four local beers.
local  beer  youtube  Try  Irish 
7 days ago by emkay

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