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YouTube - Called As Partner's / There's A Wideness
There's A Wideness In God's Mercy, Tune Beecher. In the first verse, I am using the Choir Aahs on the Organ, a little different but a pleasant sound.
150  307  Beecher 
december 2008 by hugoestr
hbo's Oz - A Question of Taste by Wink at Fireflies
Keller has a problem with the quality of a product he's purchased from O'Reily, and with his reputation on the line, O'Reily does what he needs to do to make things right. Funny and hot. PWP.
hbo'sOz  beecher/keller/o'reily  beecher  keller  o'reily  slash  nc17  firsttime  pwp  3some  author-winkatfireflies  vshortstory 
june 2007 by dusty_ryder
hbo's Oz - Do You Love Me? by Aline
Dark, Menacing, Seductive AU. Beecher and Keller outside of Oz. Beecher never reported the hit and run, but Keller has pictures and his demands are strange ones. Dark - as usual for Aline, she write disturbing Keller very well.
*  hbo'sOz  Beecher/Keller  beecher  keller  slash  nc17  au  dark  dubiousconsent  angst  smutfic  author-aline  shortstory 
june 2007 by dusty_ryder
hbo's oz - Dirty by Actizera
A week since the lockdown started, and Keller still can't get enough of Toby. The dynamic between the two just sizzles. Keller is so confident, and Toby, even after a week of Keller's single-minded devotion, is still uncertain as to his attraction. **Note** I labeled this as a Trapped! fic, because the characters have been locked in their pods 24/7 for a week at the time of this fic.
*  hbo'sOz  beecher/keller  beecher  keller  pwp  slash  nc17  trapped  author-actizera  shortstory 
april 2007 by dusty_ryder
oz - Prelude by Actizera
Set during A Game of Checkers. Beecher comes back from the hole to a new roommate, and Ryan wants to know: "Be my brother?" He offers Beecher a little pick me up, and Ryan encourages Beecher to respond to his body's embarrassing reaction.
*  hbo'sOz  beecher/o'reily  beecher  o'reily  slash  r  pwp  undertheinfluence  author-actizera  vshortstory 
march 2007 by dusty_ryder
hbo's oz - White Swallow by Maverick4oz
AU - Beecher and Keller meet in a bar. This is exactly the kind of thing I imagine could have happened if Beecher and Keller met outside of Oz. Hot, intense and just a bit frightening. Bondage.
*  hbo'sOz  beecher  keller  beecher/keller  au  slash  nc17  pwp  firsttime  bondage  kink  darkish  author-maverick4oz  mediumstory 
march 2007 by dusty_ryder
hbo's oz - Scent by Ozsaur
What happen's between Andy and Beecher at night in their pod? Does Beecher take his revenge out on Schillinger's son? One of my favorite rare pairings. And Ozsaur does it so well. Slight noncon/dubcon.
*  hbo'sOz  beecher/andy  beecher  andy  darkish  noncon  rarepairing  dubiousconsent  firsttime  slash  nc17  author-ozsaur  vshortstory 
march 2007 by dusty_ryder
hbo's oz - Abandoned by Rustler
A tense glimpse at the emotions running through Beecher's head when he's faced with Mondo Brown that first night back in his pod. I love Mondo Brown fic - just love them. Sure wish there were more out there.
hbo'sOz  beecher  brown  beecher/brown  slash  firsttime  rarepairing  nc17  sluttybeecher  author-rustler  vshortstory 
march 2007 by dusty_ryder
hbo's oz - Choirboy by Mairead Triste
Beecher and O'Reily share the POV here, and you get a good sense of the relationship between the two during that whole first season. Unexpected ending. Noncon.
*  hbo'sOz  o'reily  beecher  beecher/o'reily  slash  nc17  darkish  noncon  author-mairead_triste  shortstory 
march 2007 by dusty_ryder
The Story is an Abstraction by cgb (Beecher/Keller, Oz)
This is a remix of an angrier story, but I like this version better - the regret, the could-have-been, the happy ending rewritten. I can see Beecher trying to live quietly in almost an atonement, working his way back towards a kind of happiness.
tv  oz  slash  beecher  keller  beecher/keller 
october 2006 by proteinscollide

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