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Sweet Dreams
A story about why sleeping with your partner isn't always a bad idea.
Milo_Murphy's_Law  Slash  Cavendish/Dakota  pining  bed_sharing  g  fic 
december 2018 by ashleytotherescue
ficlicious: Fic: The Stars Through Her Soul
A dark-haired man crouches over Stark, brushing back her hair, gently caressing her cheek, cradling her head in his lap. A man with a metal arm and a sniper rifle slung over his back. A familiar man, he realizes, and the world crumbles as Bucky Barnes stares furiously at him, torn between absolute rage and utter joy.
Fic  het  slash  marvel  avengers  Ironman  opposite_sexAU  captainamerica  wintersoldier  black_widow  Hawkeye  hulk  soulmates  soulmate_marks  pre-series  steve/tony/bucky  clint/tony  captain_marvel  rhodey/carol  warmachine  bed_sharing  bucky/tony  steve/tony  amnesia  AoS  mockingbird 
august 2018 by pkoceres
Forces Unseen - oneprotagonistshort - 34k
"An old friend of Dirk's calls him and Todd to Massachusetts to help figure out a series of mysterious arsons. When they get there everyone assumes they're a couple, and for the sake of their cover they don't correct them. Eventually they have to start actually faking it, and Todd's feelings for Dirk ignite."
casefic  fake_relationship  bed_sharing  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Rating:Explicit  vacation  first_time  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Todd_Broztman  recced  favorites 
july 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
The Company - Rulerofthefakeempire, read by Dr_Fumbles_McStupid and RsCreighton - 2k, 11min
Updated with podfic link! "He’s imagined this moment so often that it feels like he just doing it again, waking up with a hangover next to Dirk Gently. And Dirk’s naked." Podfic:
podfic  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  first_time  bed_sharing  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Todd_Broztman  Rating:Teen 
march 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
The Easiest Way - nntkiwff - WIP
"'So, The Boy was in Blackwing the whole time, and you've actually known him since you were a boy. The jacket is Mona, who is another Blackwing victim, and who also got you out of Blackwing, which is currently being run by Ken, Bart's friend, who fixed Patrick Spring's time machine in Seattle. In Wendimoor Amanda and Todd turned Pararibulitis into magical powers, and now Amanda has gone to find the rest of the people like you before Blackwing can, because the fabric of the universe is coming apart. Is that everything?'
'Yes, essentially,' Dirk says, as Todd is saying, 'I don't have magic powers.'" Recced:
wip  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Todd_Broztman  Character:Farah_Black  Character:Ken_Adams  Rating:Teen  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Pairing:Farah/Todd  slow_burn  recced  bed_sharing 
march 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
magnolia_9: Fic: Bad, But Not Enough
Oh, fuck, he thought, awed. Oh, fuck. So that’s what it feels like to take a hit of Rick Grimes.
fic  bed_sharing  TWD  negan/rick  slash  het  negan/lucille   
march 2018 by pkoceres
orbingarrow: Fic: The Stars Go Red
“We come as a pair,” Tony says, nodding toward Bucky. “You either recruit us both, or we go back to our island.”

Steve looks from Tony to Bucky.
secret_identity_discovery  fic  slash  bucky/tony  marvel  Avengers  canonAU  Ironman  wintersoldier  captainamerica  bed_sharing  amnesia  hawkeye  Hulk  meet_the_family  thor 
march 2018 by pkoceres
Solace At Your Door - oneprotagonistshort - 22k
"A psychic power outage hits Blackwing subjects out of nowhere, but that's fine because Dirk is definitely not psychic. The excessive sleeping, fainting, and nightmares are completely unrelated. He's fine. (he's not fine)"
Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Todd_Broztman  Rating:Explicit  first_time  bed_sharing  hurt/comfort  angst  trapped_together 
february 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
Warm - Etaleah - 2k
"Holmes is always cold, so when a record blizzard blows through London, Watson takes it upon himself to warm him up. Even if it means getting more than a little intimate."
Rating:Teen  hypothermia  Pairing:Sherlock/John  Fandom:Sherlock_Holmes_ACD  bed_sharing  Character:John_Watson  Character:Sherlock_Holmes  snow 
january 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
Light in August - orestesfasting - 21k
"Summer, 1977. With the full moon approaching, Sirius heads up to the Lupins' countryside cottage to make himself useful. Or to make a complete and utter arse out of himself, because really, that’s all he can seem to do around Remus these days."
Rating:Explicit  Pairing:Remus/Sirius  Fandom:Harry_Potter  meet_the_family  first_time  werewolf  animagus  Character:Remus_Lupin  Character:Sirius_Black  bed_sharing 
january 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight

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