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Rolly: Unexpected power from new House shake-up? | The Salt Lake Tribune
Lockhart always was the suspected leak, since she and her husband, Stan, the former chairman of the State Republican Party and a lobbyist, are extremely close friends with Bramble and his wife, Susan, a former officer in the Utah County Republican Party. The four, along with some lobbyists and their wives, have developed a tight-knit, politically powerful clique.

Bramble has a reputation as a heavy-handed political operative who often carries water legislatively for his lobbyist friends. And more often than not, Lockhart has been the House collaborator on bills and issues Bramble has championed in the Senate. All that has made the suspicions of Lockhart’s blabbing to Bramble about House secrets all the more unsettling among her leadership colleagues. And Lockhart reportedly has complained to associates that she has been cut out of important leadership discussions.
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