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Matt May on Twitter: "We need a Bechdel Test for #a11y. You pass when: Two employees who are not accessibility specialists talk to each other about accessibility"
“We need a Bechdel Test for #a11y. You pass when:
“Two employees
“who are not accessibility specialists
“talk to each other about accessibility”
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june 2019 by handcoding
The 'Fun Home' Reading List | Center Theatre Group
Throughout Fun Home, onstage through April 1, 2017 at the Ahmanson Theatre, books serve as markers of different stages in graphic memoir author Alison Bechdel’s life. A book from her dad offers a hint that he might know she’s a lesbian; a bookstore is where she realizes she’s gay. In the graphic memoir especially, books are a means for Bechdel to communicate with her intellectual parents, particularly her father—and then an invaluable resource as she comes to terms with her sexuality...
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december 2018 by po
RT : The Rowlatt test (a test for cities): is there a statue in this city of a woman who’s wearing some clothes…
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january 2018 by rtanglao
A Tasting Menu of Female Representation
Several simple guidelines for gauging how well women are presented in media. Bechdel, Mako Mori, Sexy Lamp, Anti-Freeze, Strength is Relative, and Furiosa, and Pizza Night tests.
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march 2017 by djwudi
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august 2016 by paulbradshaw
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august 2016 by paulbradshaw
Why the Bechdel test doesn’t (always) work
But although the test is useful, I worry when it is the only thing used to measure the feminism of a film or a play (a use Bechdel never intended). The ridiculously retrograde Twilight, for example, passes (doormat heroine, Bella, talks briefly to her mother about moving to a new town) while Gravity, which has a fierce, clever and interesting heroine, fails. Sometimes women’s conversations about men are feminist. Two women discussing being bullied at work by a man would make for a feminist drama – certainly preferable to a play in which two women briefly compared shoes but spent the rest of the time serving the narrative arcs of the men.

I’d go further: conversations about fancying or loving or sleeping with men can be feminist too. I don’t believe it is un-feminist to ask how we can have relationships with men (because some of us do want to); to ask what makes a man a feminist and what we can expect from men; to ponder how we can achieve equality in our romantic lives. As I wrote my
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august 2016 by thegrandnarrative » Blog Archive » more dimensions
In 1995 the website Planet Out hired me to design a bunch of avatars that people could use in a chatroom. The technology back then was pretty primitive
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august 2016 by jesse_the_k
The Writers, Directors, and Producers who Make Films that Fail the Bechdel Test
Hollywood's gender divide and its effect on films: Examining the gender of writers, producers, and directors who make films that fail the Bechdel Test.
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april 2016 by asymmetrical

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