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The Anti-Waxer: Joey Healy Is Spreading The Gospel Of Great Brow Grooming - Beauty Independent
Except for the serum at $125, all of our products are between $25 and $35. We have a lot of products at $28, which seems to be the sweet spot. In the beginning, I was mimicking the product price points of retailers like Barneys and Bergdorf—and I still do. I just launched our new brow pencil. It’s a retractable triangular lead brown pencil. To come up with the price, I went to and pulled a bunch of comps. The Tom Ford eyebrow pencil is $54, Hourglass’ is $34, and ours is $29. Honestly, a lot of it is just branding, and you kind of have to see who you want to be alongside of and, then, consider how much money you put into your components and manufacturing.
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4 hours ago by cmananian
navigating LGBTQ issues at work: an open thread — Ask a Manager
Also, counterculture fashion and queer fashion often have a similar point – “I’m not trying to look pretty for YOU.” Defying “standard” beauty norms is often read as queer.
queer  clothes  beauty  politics 
3 days ago by UnchartedWorlds
Useful Hair Charts! - The HairCut Web
Hair lengths; hair color levels; curl types; shades of blonde; types of brushes and their uses; tips for thin & thick hair; natural conditioning masque recipes; essential oils and how they help
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3 days ago by atelathehun
karin heer
lifestyle and beauty photographer
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7 days ago by vish2vish
Opinion | Why Do We All Have to Be Beautiful? - The New York Times
What if beauty were just another attribute like playing the piano? Would be nice...
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8 days ago by emmacarlson

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