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Why Is This Beatles Song So Messy? - YouTube
analysis of problems with "I'm Looking Through You"
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23 days ago by jaltcoh
The Beatles Meet Ed Sullivan and Beatlemania Explodes | Editorial | Consequence of Sound
How three visits on a Sunday variety show changed rock and roll forever in America
“Struck by lightning.” That’s how my father describes the sensation of watching The Beatles’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. “I had never been so excited by any musical group or performance like that.”
It’s a definitive event from his childhood — as it was for millions of other Americans — as monumental as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy or the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The next day at school, it was all he and his classmates (and their teachers) wanted to talk about; in the days that followed, he remembers spinning his copy of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” while he and his sisters pretended to be The Beatles, playing along on broomsticks as if they were guitars.
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Watch The Beatles Play Their Final Concert 50 Years Ago | Video | Consequence of Sound
In 1969, the Fab Four played their last public performance
Editor’s Note: This article, written by Josh Terry, was originally published in 2014. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary concert, we’re re-publishing it today.
Fifty years ago today, The Beatles played their final show ever.
Back before elaborate album rollouts and surprise releases, the Liverpool quartet spontaneously previewed songs from their forthcoming album Let It Be to scores of Londoners, staging an impromptu 42-minute set on the rooftop of Apple, their label, on Savile Row.
Before Metropolitan police eventually halted the performance, filmmakers captured not only the memorable set, but also the reactions of its attendees and those in the nearby area. While the January 30th, 1969 event luckily made its way onto the Let It Be documentary, the unannounced rooftop concert ultimately signaled the last time people would see the Beatles perform together live.
Getting The Beatles to play any kind of a show during that time was surprising, considering they officially stopped touring in 1966. This was partially due to the legions of loyal fans drowning out their concerts, as well the obstacle of not being able to perform some of their new material’s more complicated arrangements live. Despite their fatigue with playing traditional gigs, the band wanted to continue premiering and recording new music.
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The Top 100 Greatest Tours of All Time
"I saw them on tour."
Five words that nearly every music fan has uttered.
Seeing a live performer on tour forever links both artist and fan to a particular venue, on a particular date, in a certain moment in time. Sometimes, the tour has a special, personal meaning to the individual fan, like the first time seeing a show with a future spouse. In other instances, a concert tour transcends live events and is a cultural moment.
Vivid Seats and Consequence of Sound explore the tours that were remarkable in quality, impact, influence or attendance. The deciding factor on how to rank and include tours? Asking ourselves, "Would we want to go back in time to check out this show if we had tickets?"
We limited each artist to just one tour, to promote inclusion and diversity, and strived to include tours of various genres and eras. The finished product captures memorable tours that hopefully all music fans can appreciate.
Vivid Seats/Consequence of Sound Top 100 Greatest Tours of All Time
24. Led Zeppelin - North American Tour 1968/1969 (1968-69)
It’s telling that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page can’t leave their homes without being asked about the chances of a Led Zeppelin reunion. It tells us that reporters and fans can’t take a hint, but it also reminds us that Zeppelin, for a time, were as big as any band in the world. Like many iconic bands before and after them, critics didn’t initially get Zeppelin, panning their records as derivative and unimaginative. That’s what makes the group’s earlier tours so intriguing. They had something to prove, and their 1968 North American tour saw them go from supporting bands like Vanilla Fudge, Country Joe & the Fish, and Iron Butterfly to headlining the very same tour, culminating in concerts like one in Boston where the band transformed one album’s worth of material and a handful of popular covers into more than four hours that left everyone spellbound. – Matt Melis
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8 weeks ago by rgl7194
The Beatles, "Honey Pie" from the White Album (1968): Deep Beatles
A tribute to British music hall. A “fantasy song.” A curious throwback, considering its 1968 origins. No matter how one chooses to describe it, “Honey Pie” reveals Paul McCartney’s continuing love of British music hall, big bands, and Hollywood musicals. It even owes a debt to jazz, as John Lennon performs a Django Reinhardt-inflected guitar solo. Like so many other Beatles tracks, “Honey Pie” results from a melting pot of influences, music that the foursome were reared on through television and film.
Despite being released on an album widely considered to be a time capsule of a turbulent year, “Honey Pie” traces its roots to the 1920s, specifically through a hugely popular London bandleader. Billy Cotton formed the London Savannah Band, his first orchestra, in 1924; originally a traditional English dance band, they transitioned into a music hall-style show featuring humor and even a tap dancer. After building a large following, Cotton debuted his first BBC radio show, the Billy Cotton Band Show, in 1949. The show proved so popular that hit was also broadcast on BBC television, beginning in 1957.
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