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enisy: Spike/Buffy Music Video Recs
acidequeen: All the Same. Feeling a Moment. Through the Glass. ArtanisG: There You'll Be. When You're Gone. aycheb: I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself. Beasley Jr: Haunt You Every Day. Bitten: Drops of Jupiter. Gimme More. Obsession. Worn Me Down.
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march 2008 by veni_vidi_vids
i m a g i n a r y ////// Sweetie & John's Music Videos
Sweetie's Vid Recs: Aimee - Tourniquet, The Champions, Let's Get the Party Started; Astarte - Haunted, My Skin, Lost Credits; Beasley Jr. - Who I Am Hates Who I've Been, Inspector Gadget; Ben - Slow Down; Charmax - Weak, Jump in the Line [MUCH MORE]
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february 2008 by veni_vidi_vids

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acidqueen  aimee  artanisg  astarte  aycheb  ben  bitten  btvs  charmax  girlpire  john  littleheaven70  luminosity  mar08  martoufmarty  messyjessie  milly  mizjain  nicoleanell  recby:enisy  recby:sweetie  riverboat  ryan  sadique  sassykitten  sisabet  trisha  txlsplash  update  vidrec1  vinnie  xandra  zeronephelim 

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