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Bear-Power-Pack/ at master · rovest/Bear-Power-Pack
Contribute to rovest/Bear-Power-Pack development by creating an account on GitHub.
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yesterday by nharbour
rovest/Bear-Markdown-Export: Markdown export from Bear sqlite database
Markdown export from Bear sqlite database. Contribute to rovest/Bear-Markdown-Export development by creating an account on GitHub.
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yesterday by nharbour
DEC kills bear at campground
"50+ incidents were reported there this summer, with multiple bears involved"
news  adirondacks  wildlife  dec  bear  camp  conservation  wilderness  forestpreserve 
20 days ago by adirondacks
Using Bear as a Things note attachment repository – The Sweet Setup
Yesterday’s massive Things 3.4 update has caused quite a stir in the iOS automation community. The newfound ability to create entire projects through JSON, or to automate using Workflow and other URL-scheme apps, brings Things closer to the levels of automation that could be had in GTD apps like OmniFocus.
the-sweet-setup  bear  things  productivity 
20 days ago by gigoloaunt
Tutorials - Import Into Ulysses
How to import your notes from Apple Notes, Evernote, and Bear
Ulysses  Bear  Evernote  writing 
4 weeks ago by iGV
Black bears continue to raid campsites on Saranac lakes
"DEC wildlife staff and environmental conservation officers have been negatively conditioning bears."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  bear  conservation  saranaclake  dec  camp 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks

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