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Thai Beef Salad Recipe -
make 3 times the sauce indicated, add bean sprouts, forget about the peanuts. very fresh tasting.  thai  recipes  cooking  beef  beansprouts  limejuice  sesameoil  soysauce  fishsauce  30min  garlic  salad  tomato  cucumber  onions  chilli  mint  coriander  basil  limeleaves  ginger  ★★★★★  food 
september 2011 by philippe3000
Japanese Vegetarian Hotpot Recipe -
we added udon noodles & enoki mushrooms. don't worry about egg. lots of subtle flavour, quite filling & healthy too.  recipes  vegetarian  japanese  soup  ★★★★  miso  soysauce  carrots  greenbeans  30min  food  shiitakemushrooms  ginger  bambooshoots  englishspinach  beansprouts  enokimushrooms  udonnoodles  healthy 
september 2011 by philippe3000

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