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hyperref - Beamer: Using href in notes - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
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4 days ago by mikeRuns
GitHub - schnellp/beamer-itasca: A Beamer theme.
Itasca Beamer Theme
Itasca is a Beamer theme designed to be functional and visually appealing both in live presentation and personal use. It uses varying levels of contrast to provide useful information on demand without distracting from the primary slide content. An example presentation is available here.

This theme uses the Fira Sans and Fira Mono fonts, freely available from Mozilla. Both of these fonts must be installed and the presentation must be compiled using XeLaTeX.

Package Options
Currently, the only package option is the high-contrast option which sets the background to pure white and the foreground text to pure black.

The Itasca Beamer theme is provided under the MIT License, and may be used, modified, or reproduced as long as the copyright notice is included in all copies and substantial portions of the theme. There are no restrictions on presentations produced using this theme.


▶ Dark gray text is muted but easy on the eyes
▶ Blue secondary color is consistent and highlights without
▶ Dark red alert color emphasizes in line without distracting
from the rest of the frame
Introduction Colors and Fonts Outer Theme Inner Theme Conclusion
Background Colors
▶ Off-white background reduces eye strain while
maintaining clear appearance
▶ Light text color in header and footer is readable but does
not draw attention
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10 weeks ago by HM0880
Vier Full-HD-Beamer bis 600 Euro im Vergleichstest | TechStage
Es muss nicht immer ein TV-Gerät sein: Projektoren, die ein gutes Bild in Full-HD an die Wand werfen, werden immer günstiger. Techstage hat vier aktuelle Projektoren getestet.
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10 weeks ago by andi1984
martinbjeldbak/ultimate-beamer-theme-list: A collection of custom Beamer themes
A collection of custom Beamer themes. Contribute to martinbjeldbak/ultimate-beamer-theme-list development by creating an account on GitHub.
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march 2019 by rjbgoudie
LaTeX Beamer Tips, Tricks, Workarounds
Beamer Handout from Same File I recently compiled two 30+ minute talks in LaTeX Beamer. While the output of LaTeX usually is great, getting t...
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march 2019 by lillelos

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