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Whipsiderry Beach, Newquay, Cornwall in 2018 - YouTube
Video filmed in September 2018 on a beautiful Sunday morning. Location Whipsiderry beach between Porth and Watergate bay is a hidden gem of a beach voted in the top 20 of Europe’s best beaches in the Sunday Times. Whipsiderry Beach is a ten minute drive from Newquay but there is no car park, limited parking on the road, there are no lifeguards, no toilets and dogs are allowed all year round. Despite being situated very close to Newquay, Whipsiderry has a very different, wilder feel than the town beaches and there are no facilities. Whipsiderry Beach can be reached along the north coast road (less than a mile from Porth) or you can head northwards along the coastal path from Newquay. Quiet and sheltered, it is a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs, but there are a long flight of very steep steps to negotiate down this beach with uneven concrete and variable height steps. Check out our full article about Whipsiderry Beach here: See our Cornwall page here showing aerial photography in Cornwall:
Whipsiderry  Beach  Newquay  Cornwall  in  2018 
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Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido | 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Venice
Welcome to the Hotel Excelsior, for more than one century the best match of luxury and tradition with comfort and service in Venice Lido.
travel  hotel  beach  venice  veneto  italy 
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Great Barrier Reef | Australia's Great Natural Wonder
The iconic Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world's largest coral reef. Learn more about Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
travel  guide  holiday  beach  islands  diving  queensland  australia 
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Bingin Beach
Bingin is a stunning beach with unrivalled views over the Indian Ocean and the great wave that make it one of the most demanded…
travel  guide  holiday  beach  surfing  bali  indonesia  islands 
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Wheal Friendly
This small development of six holiday homes is located on the steeply sloping hillside overlooking Trevaunance Coombe in St Agnes, on the north Cornish coast. As such it has fine views out over the beach to the Atlantic beyond.
building  property  development  timberframe  beach  architecture  design  st.agnes  cornwall 
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Black Rubber Beach House on Dungeness beach by Simon Conder Associates
Black rubber-clad beach house with a timber interior on Dungeness beach in Kent, England, by Simon Conder Associates.
travel  holiday  beach  renting  architecture  design  dungeness  desert  romney  kent 
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