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Hawaii has new black sand beach thanks to Kilauea's lava flow
And now, there's more to celebrate with the creation of a new black sand beach at Isaac Kepoʻokalani Hale Beach Park, thanks to Kilauea.
travel  Hawaii  black  sand  beach 
12 days ago by emkay
If we had to dive bomb for our food at every meal we would be so...
pelicans  beach  fishing  vacation  from twitter
22 days ago by gautam
Call of the Tide
feroxargentea - Ray/Fraser, T --- 2,898

From the prompt: "Give me a fic about RayK making Fraser spend a day at the beach. And make it the fluffiest thing that has ever fluffed."
ao3  due-south  fraser/ray-k  *t  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  cute  established  vacation  beach  pov-ray 
29 days ago by we.are.golden
Beachfront Hotel and Restaurant, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
mariavelasquezmejia amigos Dec 10 3 Link to display lightbox amigos 3 guiacleps ZERO FUNKS GIVEN Dec 10 130 Link to display lightbox ZERO FUNKS GIVEN 130…
restaurant  beach  cafe  costa-rica 
5 weeks ago by asaltydog
Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels | Costa Rica Hotel | Surf Vista Villas
Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels Santa Teresa is a small beach town located in Pacific Ocean in the province of Puntarenas on the southern tip of the Nicoya…
travel  hotel  holiday  beach  surfing  costa-rica 
5 weeks ago by asaltydog
What if this were your new home?
What if this were your Terrace? How often would you entertain? (Its vacant & just waiting you) See Listing:
#realestate #luxuryrealestate, #luxurylifestyle, #retirement, #luxuryliving, #buythebeachhouse, #PuertoVallarta #VIP #retireabroad #beachlife
puerto  vallarta  real  estate  beach  life 
6 weeks ago by kqlick
is Conchas Chinas the Best Beach ?
If you are in the mood to relax on a quiet beach and play in clear water, Amapas & Conchas Chinas are the places for you! More:
#PuertoVallarta #realestate #luxuryrealestate, #luxurylifestyle, #retirement #luxuryliving, #buythebeachhouse, #realestatelife
puerto  vallarta  REal  Estate  Beach  life 
6 weeks ago by kqlick

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