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How brains and machines can be made to work together - Thought experiments
Neuralink is not saying what exactly it is doing, but Mr Musk’s thinking is outlined in a lengthy post on Wait But Why, a website. In it, he describes the need for humans to communicate far more quickly with each other, and with computers, if they are not to be left in the dust by AI. The post raises some extraordinary possibilities: being able to access and absorb knowledge instantly from the cloud or to pump images from one person’s retina straight into the visual cortex of another; creating entirely new sensory abilities, from infrared eyesight to high-frequency hearing; and ultimately, melding together human and artificial intelligence.

In April it was Facebook’s turn to boggle minds as it revealed plans to create a “silent speech” interface that would allow people to type at 100 words a minute straight from their brain. A group of more than 60 researchers, some inside Facebook and some outside, are working on the project. A separate startup, Openwater, is also working on a non-invasive neural-imaging system; its founder, Mary Lou Jepsen, says that her technology will eventually allow minds to be read.
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Experimenting with brain-computer interfaces in JavaScript (Charlie Gerard)
Charlie Gerard научилась управлять сайтами в браузере через устройство мозг-компьютер с помощью JavaScript.
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