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To calculate the P.C.D. of a five stud wheel or hub, measure 'X' from the inside of one hole to the outside of the next hole and multiply by 1.7012. The table below is a reference guide for some common sizes.

'X' inches 'X' mm P.C.D.
2.351 59.715 4"
2.498 63.449 4¼"
2.645 67.183 4½"
2.792 70.916 4¾"
2.939 74.650 5"
3.233 89.586 6"
3.820 97.028 6½"
2.314 58.779 100 mm
2.499 63.481 108 mm
2.591 65.832 112 mm
2.777 70.535 120 mm
3.008 76.413 130 mm
3.240 82.290 140 mm
3.703 94.046 160 mm
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