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(I think???) designing to make it easier to across without a car | / /…
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Erynne M Gilpin & #indigenouswomxnclimb
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British Columbia Cracks Down on Dirty Money in Real Estate - Bloomberg
The government has also sought to bring more transparency to the murky property market after a study by Transparency International found that it’s not possible to identify who owns nearly half of Vancouver’s most expensive properties. This month, the province began demanding more information about beneficial property ownership in tax forms. The province plans to make the information available in a public registry and share it with tax authorities and law enforcement agencies.
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Final investment decision expected next week on $40-billion LNG project near Kitimat | Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly
RT @CCPABCJean: Lots of LNG in the news today. Senior economist @marcleeccpa, whose written extensively on the issue, quoted here:
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14 days ago by badeconomist

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