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canopy gone, scaffolding down, project seems done, but there’s a whole new shit show in town now so
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6 days ago by peterhoneyman
Slow Cooker Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce
Trim up the fat in weird places well.
Cook for 9 or probably 10 hours in instant pot on slow cooker normal setting.
Mince the garlic well for the bbq sauce, could probably blend instead.
Take your time to get the outside more glazed and crispy in the end, might not happen if you put on too much BBQ sauce. Try less.
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7 days ago by sic1
Best Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe Ever
I Like Pork Butts And I Cannot Lie!
Check out recipe for the best pulled pork ever...
recipe  pork  smoked  grill  bbq 
13 days ago by ewpt3ch

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