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Reliquary: David Bowie - Archivevibes Vol.2 (BBC Archive 1991-2003) [FM]
David Bowie
'Archivevibes Vol.2'
BBC Archive 1991-2003
Various Dates & Locations
FM Broadcast Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Bonus Tracks & Interviews included
Tracks 01-08 Tin Machine, Mark Goodier’s Evening Session, Studio 5, Maida Vale, London, England 08-13-1991
Tracks 09-10 The Jack Docherty Show, Whitehall Theatre, London, England 04-18-1997
Track 11 Comic Relief 03-12-1999
Tracks 12-15 NetAid, Wembley Stadium, London, England 10-09-1999
Tracks 16-17 TFI Friday, Riverside Studios, London, England 06-23-2000
Tracks 18-19 Friday Night with Ross and Bowie, Studio TC4, BBC Television Centre, London, England, 06-27-2002
Tracks 20-21 Parkinson, BBC Television Centre, London, England 09-21-2002
Tracks 22-23 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Studio TC4, BBC Television Centre, London, England 09-12-2003
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Reliquary: David Bowie - Archivevibes Vol.1 (BBC Archive 1970-1995 [FM]
Hey David, I like what you're wearing; but the colour!?!
Ewwww, doesn't really work. Just sayin'
David Bowie
'Archivevibes Vol.1'
BBC Archive 1970-1995
Various Dates & Locations
FM Broadcast Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Tracks 01-03 Sounds Of The Seventies, Andy Ferris, 03-25-1970
Track 04 The 15th Ivor Novello Awards, Talk of The Town 05-10-1970
Tracks 05-09 Sounds Of The Seventies, Bob Harris, 09-21-1971
Tracks 10-14 Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC TV Centre, 02-08-1972
Track 15 John Peel 05-16-1972
Track 16 Top of the Pops 01-03-1973
Track 17 Russell Harty Show 01-17-1973
Tracks 18-19 Dick Cavett Show 12-04-1974
Track 20 Top OfThe Pops 11-03-1977
Track 21 Saturday Night Live 12-04-1979
Track 22 Top Of The Pops 11-09-1995
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Reliquary: Beatles, The - Complete BBC Anthology (12 CD Box Set) [FM]
The Beatles
'Complete BBC Anthology' (12 CD Box Set)
(2001 Beeb Transcription Records : BT 001-012)
BBC Radio Broadcasts from 1962 to 1970.
FM Broadcast Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Total Size RARzip: 910 MB
Total Size UnRARzip: 1.94 GB
I consider this set the best and most comprehensive Beatles BBC collection circulating, although a little f'd-up because I've had to spend a fair amount time creating this text file to reflect what's actually on the disc's, not what the artwork states. Hopefully I got it close
Obviously the BBC never released this much stuff; in the 80's BEEB Transcription Records (fake label) produced amazing vinyl albums in beautiful glossy covers with artwork that mirrored EMI releases, several of which I managed to pick up when I lived in Vancouver in 1989 in a store called The Beatles/Kiss Museum, for me, this place was heaven!).
To start we get all 6 tracks with Pete Best on drums (particularly interesting because the two shows were recorded before live audiences, so we get to hear Pete's drumming in a live setting which allows us to compare his "gig" playing style with Ringo's, forever a contentious issue in Beatles history).
Along with the 1962 Star Club recordings this is as close as we can get to the real authentic Beatles, playing songs from their vast live repertoire, many of which never saw proper studio recordings. I'm talking 'bout you, killer live stuff like "The Hippy Hippy Shake, "Clarabella", "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You" and the superb performance of "Soldier Of Love", it's a chance to hear what they might have sounded like during those lunchtime sessions in the Cavern, or gigs in the Locarno or Manchester Ballroom's. -Original
music  beatles  bbc  radio  60s  bootlegs  box_set  download 
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BBC Health Check - Phuket FM Radio
Healthy? Tune to find out and all thanks to the World service, find out more about yourself.
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2 days ago by PhuketIslandRadio
Tesla unveils first truck - and roadster - BBC News
Dave Lee
North America technology reporter
5 hours ago
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Media captionWATCH: See the new Tesla Semi and Roadster

Tesla has unveiled its first electric articulated lorry, designed to challenge diesel trucks as king of the road.

The long-anticipated Tesla Semi has a range of 500 miles on a single charge.
Tesla says the vehicle - known in the US as a semi-trailer truck - will go into production in 2019.
Chief executive Elon Musk also unexpectedly revealed a new Roadster, which he said would be "the fastest production car ever" made.
The red sports car was driven out of the trailer of the electric lorry during Tesla's presentation on Thursday.
The Roadster will have a range of close to 1,000km (620 miles) on a single charge and will do 0-100mph in 4.2 seconds.

Mr Musk described it as "a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars".
bbc  technology  news  electric  car 
3 days ago by ndf
North Korean defector found to have 'enormous parasites' - BBC News
By Andreas Illmer
BBC News
59 minutes ago
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption
Parasites like tapeworms (file pic) can live inside people's digestive tracts
A North Korean soldier who was shot while fleeing across the border has an extremely high level of parasites in his intestines, his doctors say.
The defector crossed the demilitarised zone on Monday, but was shot several times by North Korean border guards.
Doctors say the patient is stable - but "an enormous number" of worms in his body are contaminating his wounds and making his situation worse.
His condition is thought to give a rare insight into life in North Korea.
"I've never seen anything like this in my 20 years as a physician," South Korean doctor Lee Cook-jong told journalists, explaining that the longest worm removed from the patient's intestines was 27cm (11in) long.
How do you get a parasite?
Humans can get parasites through eating contaminated food, by being bitten by an insect or by the parasite entering through the skin.
In the case of the North Korean defector, the first case is most likely. Parasites which enter the body via contaminated food are often worms.
The North still uses human faeces as fertilisers. If these faeces are untreated and fertilise vegetables that are later eaten uncooked, the parasites get into the mouth and the intestines of the person.
Nine charts which tell you all you need to know about North Korea
Inside the world's most secretive country
What are North Korean snacks like?
While some don't cause any severe symptoms, others can be life-threatening, explains Prof Peter Preiser from the School of Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
"What they all do is take nutrients away from your body," he told the BBC. "So [even] if most of them might go unnoticed, they all indicate a poor health status. To put it simply: people who have parasites are not healthy."
bbc  health  news  asia  poverty 
3 days ago by ndf
The degrees that make you rich... and the ones that don't - BBC News
By Dr Jack Britton
Institute for Fiscal Studies
17 November 2017
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Hundreds of thousands of young people are in the process of applying to university, in time for a 2018 start. Their choices can make a huge difference to future earnings.
For most university graduates, having a degree pays.
Over the course of a lifetime, estimates suggest women can expect to earn about £250,000 more if they have a degree, while the figure is roughly £170,000 for men.
In England, higher tuition fees mean that, on average, students graduate with debts of more than £50,000 - much more than their counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
But repayments are only one of many factors which affect how much money graduates will have in their pockets in years to come.
The universities which attract the highest incomes
bbc  education  economics  society  UK 
3 days ago by ndf
The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign - BBC News
The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign
By Rozina Sini
BBC UGC & Social News
1 hour ago
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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
It holds nuclear missile codes, it's in charge of the security of the United States, and its ultimate boss, the US president, is a prolific tweeter. But when it comes to handling its own Twitter account, the Pentagon could do with improving its skills.
On Thursday the US Department of Defense accidentally retweeted a tweet calling for Donald Trump to resign as US president.
The original tweet which also called for two other US politicians to step down following sexual harassment allegations was tweeted from an account belonging to @ProudResister, an anti-Trump activist.
It said: "The solution is simple. Roy Moore: Step down from the race. Al Franken: Resign from congress, Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency. GOP: Stop making sexual assault a partisan issue. It's a crime as is your hypocrisy."
The Pentagon's main account retweeted the message to its 5.2 million followers before quickly deleting it. But the embarrassing blunder did not go unnoticed. A screen shot of the Pentagon's retweet was itself retweeted and shared, and the reaction to it was swift.
bbc  USA  twitter  politics  news 
3 days ago by ndf
WWI Uncut - YouTube - YouTube
WWI Uncut BBC series, short programmes. Medical one looks a bit to gory for my younger pupils.
ww1  history  classroom  bbc 
4 days ago by johnjohnston

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