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Humanity is infectious, Finn makes friends with droids, and K2 cannot get any rest: the story of how Rogue One flies again. [Made me wibble. But in a good way.]
crossover  starwars  RogueOne  Finn  Poe  Rey  BB-8  R2-D2  K2SO 
march 2018 by butterflykiki
crooked on my chrome
BB-8 plays matchmaker to Poe and Finn -- droid knows they really need the help.
Star_Wars  Finn/Poe  BB-8  Slash  matchmaking  fluff  mutual_pining  g  the_force_awakens  fic 
november 2016 by ashleytotherescue
step out into the sun
"I gotta talk to you, buddy, real quick," Poe says lowly, and grabs Finn's hand to haul him back out of the mess hall. His pilot friends cheer loudly, Karé yelling something about keeping it decent, and Finn barely has a second to process it before Poe's yanking him away and into a deserted side corridor.

"I can explain," he says quickly, running his spare hand through his hair.

"Well good," Finn snaps hotly, "Because I've had a really fucking weird day."

Otherwise known as: Finn Is An Oblivious Numbskull, or: the one where Finn gets a name, a jacket, a droid, and a marriage out of nowhere in only a few short weeks
fic  slash  Star_Wars  Finn/Poe  pretend_marriage/relationship  pining  hot_like_burning  Rey  BB-8  Jessika_Pava  Karé_Kun  Iolo_Arana  Temmin_"Snap"_Wexley  Leia_Organa  [R]  wc:70_000-75_000  a:plutos 
july 2016 by adelate
BB-8 Knock knock jokes
Prompt: finn trying to teach bb-8 knock-knock jokes or puns, and/or bb-8 attempting to use them with people
fandom:starwars  author:historymiss  fic  bb-8 
april 2016 by daughteroftime

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