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Mound Bayou, Mississippi - What's Become of a Former Black Township
Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed it "The Jewel of the Delta."

Booker T. Washington praised it as a model of "thrift and self-government."

Mound Bayou, in the Mississippi Delta: a town founded in 1887 by former slaves, with a vision that was revolutionary for its time.

From the start, it was designed to be a self-reliant, autonomous, all-black community. For decades, Mound Bayou thrived and prospered, becoming famous for empowering its black citizens. The town also became known as a haven from the virulent racism of the Jim Crow South.Mound Bayou boasted several schools, a train station, a Carnegie library. By 1942, Taborian Hospital opened, serving blacks from all over the Delta. So what happened? "I think desegregation happened," says Herts. "This is a case we've seen across the country in which black communities, people who had more options, left those communities to move to the suburbs, or to move to urban areas with more opportunities, and took their know-how and their resources with them."
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march 2017 by dbourn, Byou, Bento – Wie Verlage Assistenzärzte für dumm verkaufen | Thomas Knüwer
"Mit journalistischem Anspruch hat all das bisher wenig zu tun": Fundamentalkritik an den neuen Jugendportalan von Bild, Zeit und Spiegel.
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