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Red Sox Divided on Racial Lines by White House Visit - The Atlantic
As such, Trump turned the tradition of championship teams visiting the White House into an uncomfortable experience for athletes of color—who are often asked to cast aside their identity for the comfort of their white teammates, owners, coaches, and fans.

That the Baylor coach, Kim Mulkey, had publicly campaigned for an invitation to the White House helped bring about the visit.

As of now, no one outside the team knows if Mulkey ever considered how some of her players might feel about being in the presence of someone who has insulted not just people of color, but also women—and women athletes in particular.

Through Baylor’s sports-information department, Mulkey declined to comment about the team’s trip to the White House. However, she told the Associated Press last month that going to the White House is “not a political issue for me.”

But what if it’s a personal issue for her players?
donald-trump  jemele-hill  sports  white-house  boston-white-sox  baylor  kim-mulkey 
may 2019 by yolandaenoch
Baylor's Chloe Jackson points to God as she earns Most Outstanding Player of Women's Final Four - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about Baylor guard Chloe Jackson and her faith and basketball while winning the Most Outstanding Player of Women's Final Four last night.
Baylor  NCAA  Christians_in_Sports  Jackson_Chloe  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
april 2019 by milligan00
Former Baylor frat president who was accused of assault is barred from commencement
“Two years ago we admitted a student without knowing their legal history," the president of the University of Texas at Dallas said in a statement.

The victim in a public statement in court Monday told the judge how the alleged assault and the plea deal affected her.
"I am devastated by your decision to let my rapist Jacob Walter Anderson go free without any punishment," the woman said. "He stole my body, virginity and power over my body and you let him keep it all for eternity."
[Jacob Walter] Anderson will serve three years probation but won't have to register as a sex offender.
baylor  texas 
december 2018 by jimmykduong
2017 College Football Player Profiles
Christian article about Christians in college football this season, including Clemson linebackers J.D. Davis and Judah Davis and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, Florida State offensive lineman Alec Eberle and defensive tackle Darvin Taylor II, Louisville linebackers Kam Jones and Malik Staples, Virginia Tech quarterback Jack Click and linebacker Anthony Shegog, Florida International wide receiver Mark Hutchinson, Louisiana Tech runningback Boston Scott, Navy kicker Bennett Moehring and linebacker Micah Thomas, Nebraska wide receiver Gabe Rahn and linebacker Chris Weber Purdue quarterbacks David Blough and Elijah Sindelar, Baylor linebacker Clay Johnston and wide receiver Blake Murphy, Kansas State defensive back D.J. Reed, Oklahoma runningback Rodney Anderson and linebacker Caleb Kelly, Oklahome State offensive linebackman Brad Lundblade and safety Ramon Richards, TCU wide receiver John Diarse, West Virginia wide receiver Gary Jennings and long snapper Nick Meadows Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien and wide receiver Cedrick Wilson, Colorado wide receiver Jay Macintyre and linebacker Derek McCartney, Stanford defensive tackle Harrison Phillips, Washington defensiveback JoJo McIntosh and wide receiver Dante Pettis, Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick and punter J.K. Scott, Auburn offensive lineman Austin Golson, Georgia tight end Jeb Blazevich and defensive back Aaron Davis, LSU fullback John David Moore, and Texas A&M defensive specialist Austin Frey and offensive lineman Koda Martin.
Clemson  Florida_State  Louisville  Virginia_Tech  FloridaInternational  Louisiana_Tech  Navy  Nebraska  Purdue  Baylor  Kansas_State  Oklahoma  Oklahoma_State  TCU  West_Virginia  Boise_State  Colorado  Stanford  Washington  Alabama  Auburn  Georgia  LSU  Texas_A&M  NCAA  Christians_in_Sports  Davis_J.D.  Davis_Judah  Renfrow_Hunter  Eberle_Alec  TaylorII_Darvin  Jones_Kam  Staples_Malik  Click_Jack  Shegog_Anthony  Hutchinson_Mark  Scott_Boston  Moshring_Bennett  Thomas_Micah  Rahn_Gabe  Weber_Chris  Blough_David  Sindelar_Elijah  Johnston_Clay  Murphy_Blake  Reed_D.J.  Anderson_Rodney  Kelly_Caleb  Lundblade_Brad  Richards_Ramon  Diarse_John  Jennings_Gary  Meadows_Nick  Rypien_Brett  Wilson_Cedrick  Macintyre_Jay  McCartney_Derek  Phillips_Harrison  McIntosh_JoJo  Pettis_Dante  Fitzpatrick_Minkah  Scott_J.K.  Golson_Austin  Blazevich_Jeb  Davis_Aaron  Moore_JohnDavid  Frey_Austin  Moore_Koda  Christian  FCA 
november 2017 by milligan00
A Gonzaga Coach’s Long Journey to the Final Four
Christian article about Gonzaga director of basketball operations John Jakus and his faith and coaching. Also includes Baylor head coach Scott DrewOriginally found at:
Gonzaga  Baylor  NCAA_Tournament  ncaa  christians_in_sports  Jakus_John  Drew_Scott  Christian  AIA 
april 2017 by milligan00
Baylor enabling rape
Text messages from coaches trying to "help" football players
football  baylor  texas  rape  rapeculture 
february 2017 by nelson
Baylor rape culture
Texas Baptist college sued for an alleged 52 rapes by the football team
rape  football  texas  baylor  baptist 
january 2017 by nelson
2016 College Football Player Profiles
Christian article about Christian NCAA football players, including Clemson Andy Teasdall & Artavis Scott, FSU Alec Eberle & Roderick Johnson, Louisville Colin Holba, UNC Andre Smith & Ryan Switzer, NCSU Woody Cornwell & Connor Haskins, VT Woody Baron & Isaiah Ford, Houston Tyus Bowser, Navy Dishan Romine & Sean Williams, IU Dimitric Camiel & Wes Martin, Baylor Lynx Hawthorne & Seth Russell, OU Samaje Perine & Jaxon Uhles, OSU Gyasi Akem & Victor Salako, TCU Austin Schlottmann & Ty Summers, Texas Tech Talor Nunez & Alec Shriner, Luke Stice, & Rob Dowdy, BSU Chaz Anderson & Jake Roh, SJSU Billy Freeman & Nate Velichko, AZ Anu Solomon, Colorado Alex Kelley & Derek McCartney, USC Jordan Austin, Wash. K.J. Carta-Samuels & Trevor Walker, Bama JK Scott, Arkansas Cody Hollister & Deatrich Wise Jr., Auburn Marcus Davis & Johnathan "Rudy" Ford, UGA Jeb Blazevich & Quincy Mauger, LSU Caleb Lewis & J.D. Moore, MSU Gabe Myles & Josiah Phillips, Miss Talbot Buys & Jordan Sims, UT LaTroy Lewis & more
Clemson  florida_state  Louisville  North_Carolina  NC_State  Virginia_Tech  Houston  Navy  indiana  Baylor  oklahoma  Oklahoma_State  TCU  Texas_Tech  Boise_State  sanjosestate  Arizona  colorado  USC  Washington  alabama  Arkansas  auburn  Georgia  LSU  Mississippi_State  Ole_Miss  Tennessee  Texas_A&M  Teasdale_Andy  Scott_Artavis  Eberle_Alec  Johnson_Roderick  Holba_Colin  Smith_Andre  Switzer_Ryan  Cornwell_Woody  Haskins_Connor  Baron_Woody  Ford_Isaiah  Bowser_Tyus  Romine_Dishan  Williams_Sean  Camiel_Dimitric  Martin_Wes  Hawthorne_Lynx  Russell_Seth  Perine_Samaje  Uhles_Jaxson  Akem_Gyasi  Salako_Victor  Schlottmann_Austin  Summers_Ty  Nunez_Talor  Stice_Luke  Dowdy_Rob  Shriner_Alec  Anderson_Chaz  Roh_Jake  Freeman_Billy  Velichko_Nate  Solomon_Anu  Kelley_Alex  McCartney_Derek  Austin_Jordan  Carta-Samuels_K.J.  Walker_Trevor  Scott_JK  Hollister_Cody  WiseJr._Deatrich  Davis_Marcus  Ford_JohnathanRudy  Blazevich_Jeb  Mauger_Quincy  Lewis_Caleb  Moore_J.D.  Myles_Gabe  Phillips_Josiah  Buys_Talbot  Sims_Jordan  Lewis_LaTroy  Smith_Josh  Martin_Koda  SezerJr._Alex  christians_i 
november 2016 by milligan00

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